23 Nov 2017
Gustavo Munúa conceded an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia, the new coach of Fabril talked of what he found in his return to A Coruña and also of the upcoming derby with Celta B.

Q: What’s your analysis of these first two weeks?
A: Very positive. I found a very changed club, with a great order, one that wants more. As for the team, we have a very united group, with an excellent quality and that also wants to grow.

Q: Now that you know the team, does it transmit the same sensations as from outside?
A: Yes, but increased. We have a very nice squad. With players having the same level, which will be very good when it comes to competing for a position and grow. I don’t have doubts that we are going to compete very well, because we have players who want to succeed.

Q: After a painful defeat in your debut, it came a win against Atlético B. What Fabril is the real one?
A: The first match doesn’t serve to analyze anything. Because it was a very special situation. I just arrived, without being able to train during the week with the majority of the team, playing in an artificial turf field... As for Sunday's game, it's a bit the way we want. The Fabril I want is very similar to the one that won against Atletico B. A team with the involvement of all the lads. With decision to demonstrate intensity in the game. With concentration. The team made a very nice game, it handled the rival very well when we had the role. but also knew how to suffer. That’s football. A bit of everything. We want to always take the initiative, but there are also times when the opponent does well and you have to adapt and survive.

Q: The president said that if you achieve the promotion, you will stay.
A: We have been talking a lot. There’s a great hope at Deportivo and we’ve a team that competes very well. We all dream of the promotion. And that's good, because without dreams it’s very difficult to access reality. But there is a tough League, very even, one in which you cannot get lost for a minute. So, the best thing is to go match by match, so the team grows and we all achieve our goals. Then, everything can happen.

Q: But the contract includes then automatic renewal in case of promotion, right?
A: No. It’s not in the contract, but well. We only signed this year for the club to see a little how I develop, I also see how I fell on my return... If we are all fine, then there will be no problem.

Q: It gives the feeling that if there is no promotion, you will look for new goals.
A: You never knows what can happen. The only thing I can say is that I am going to leave my soul and my heart for Deportivo. It's the club that opened the doors for me: first as a footballer and now as a coach. I have a commitment to this entity and I will always respect it.

Q: Cristóbal alternated Francis and Álex Cobo at the goal. You put the Catalan in the first match and the Nigerian in the second. Will you continue doing it?
A: It’s a very special position, one in which we have two great players. Very even. Both make it difficult for me. We have that luck and I will not reveal who is going to play each game, because first they must know. Yes, I can say that I am in favor of the team having a base, a continuity... Then, there may be changes, but not as a rule.

Q: First week, the debut; second, debut at Abegondo; and in the third, the derby... It doesn’t give time to anything.
A: It’s true. A very nice game for us is arriving. These are very special encounters. It's nice that there is healthy competition between two nearby cities. I already know what it means for those who were born here, and the players are also aware of what it means, so let's go to Vigo with all the enthusiasm of the world.

Q: Is there already a derby atmosphere inside the changing room?
A: Well of course. We know for what we play on Saturday. We are focused in that game. Both teams arrive very high at the standings. We both have a very good roster and I'm sure it will be a beautiful duel. In addition, whoever wins will be reinforced with points and with a very good injection of morale and confidence.



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