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28 Nov 2017
Deportivo still having huge defensive problems, Parralo used three different systems against Athletic Club, while Adrián again scored and assisted in the same game.

The seven notes from the game Vs. Athletic Club:

1- Terrible defence: No matter who plays in defence, Depor continue to commit huge defensive mistakes. Schär scored for the second straight time, but missed the ball in two opportunities and it was close to cost a goal. He was also misplaced in the first goal. The second goal was born from a bad pass by Navarro.

Then Albentosa was heavily criticized by the fans after a huge error at the end of the game, there was a lack communication with Rubén and the centre-back lost the ball and provoked a dangerous free-kick that fortunately didn’t cost the point. Parralo admitted after the game that Deportivo are still committing big errors in defence and the defenders are on the spotlight for this.

2- The second worst mark in 60 years: And the outcome of the long list of defensive errors is the number of goals allowed. Depor already allowed 25 goals in the liga campaign, within the last sixty years only once the team had allowed more goals after the first 13 matchdays (28 on the campaign 2012/13).

3- Again a slow start and an early goal: New boss Cristóbal Parralo has been unable to fix the softness of Deportivo during the first minutes of the games. Once again, the team looked pretty bad at the start of both halves, and for the second straight opportunity the team allowed a goal at minute 15. The Galician have conceded the first goal in a game in 10 of 13 matchdays played so far, and now eight goals have been allowed within the first 15 minutes.

4- Three schemes in one single game: It was expected that Depor were going to play with a 4-3-3, but in the end the draw turned to be a 4-1-4-1 with Pedro Mosquera as the lonely centre midfielder. It was a mistake as the visiting team outplayed the Galician midfielder, mainly within the first 20 minutes.

Parralo reacted at half-time and replaced Mosquera with Edu Expósito, the draw was switched into a 4-2-3-1 with the Fabril’s player joining Fede Valverde at midfield, but later the draw was switched into a 4-4-2 with the entry of Andone for Cartabia. It cannot be said that Depor played better with any of these schemes as the team had its ups and downs throughout the match.

5- The position of Fede Valverde: Uruguayan Fede Valverde started acting as one of the two playmakers, later he was moved back to midfield with the entry of Edu Expósito. It was in this last stage in which he looked better, though he also had his moments in the first half, like the long pass searching for Lucas that only the quick move of Kepa prevented from ending in a chance to score.  Valverde was the second player at Depor with more touches (72) and was the man with more passing attempts (55).

6- The freshness of Adrián: Great game from striker Adrian López, even coach Parralo was surprised with the freshness of a player that was coming from been out for a month. This was only his second appearance as a starter playing at the Riazor and once again he scored and assisted. Definitely Depor look better in offense with the Asturian on the field.

7- Déjà vu with the referee: Very similar game to the one played on last season. Referee Estrada Fernández was on the spotlight last year for been too permissive with Athletic and for not allowing a legal goal to Depor. Now the impression was the same as referee José Luis González only shown one yellow card to Athletic despite committing more fouls (14 Vs. 11), and also for not whistling a clear penalty over Cartabia when the score was 1-1.



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