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28 Nov 2017
The coach and the players admitted that the result was fair and also that Deportivo are still without fixing the defensive mistakes.

Coach Cristóbal Parralo was admitting that his team is still missing strength in defensive tasks, “It was a competed game, one more week in which we are allowed to score goals, but also allow goals. We had the feeling that we were creating danger, but were also suffering. Competed game and we still noticing that we are missing strength at the moment of defending.”

“The first day we detected that the main problem was this, since the first day we knew that we allow too many goals. It isn’t only the work of the defenders, but also of the whole team. We must try to improve this fact, and let’s see if we can achieve it, because if we do it, then we will win many games due to the quality of the players up front.” He added.

He also admitted that the team had a soft performance within the first twenty minutes, “It’s not that they were asleep, but locked at the back. It was the same at the start of the second half. It isn’t what we intended, and this is an aspect that need to be improved.”

The coach was also surprised with the performance of Adrián, “It wasn’t only the goal, but also the performance in all aspects. We were surprised as we didn’t think he was going to endure so much in the game. He was bringing things on the sides and I am very content with his game.”

Then he explained why Mosquera was replaced at half-time, “We tried to have a cleaner output of the ball, he had a yellow card and we wee trying to improve the outcome of the ball. We tried to play with two centre midfielders, so they wouldn’t feel so comfortable in that sector.”

Finally, Parralo was admitting that the draw was the fairest outcome, “It was a competed game. Both sides had opportunities to win the game, but also to lose it, so the fairest thing was the draw.”

Fernando Navarro also shared the opinion that the draw was the fairest result, “It was an open game, with alternatives and we had opportunities to win, but also to lose, therefore the draw is the fairest result. The intention was to go out and win, but sometimes the rival pushes and you end locked at the back. We only improved after the goal.”

The left-back also admitted that Depor are still committing huge errors in defence, “It is the main reason why we lose more than winning, we are working in order to improve it. We know that, in order to win games, we need to improve this. Surely we are going to improve.”

Centre-back Fabian Schär scored for the second straight matchday; he commented that, “We always want to win, especially these important games at home. But we came back twice, so it was a good result.”

The Swiss international also admitted that Deportivo are facing defensive problems, “Off course, we concede many goals and we need to work on that. We will work in the next weeks and we will get better. I think it’s the whole team, we can have individual mistakes, but the whole team concedes the goals.”

Adrián López scored and assisted in the game, he commented that, “I am content, because I was able to play again. It has been a while without doing it. I am content, it was a difficult game against a difficult rival. We wanted to get the three points, but they were also in need and it was a game in which they were better at some phases. The perfect thing would have been the three points, but if you cannot do it then one is good.”

At Athletic Club, José Ángel Ziganda was commenting the game, “We went ahead twice on the scoresheet, now we regret for not winning, but we have to rescue the positive things After the first goal we started to defend, they threw us back, then in the second part, with the change of Andone... but we tried to score the third goal and we had chances to win."

"The match was good, and we need to rescue positive things and from this game we can go up, it will be a turning point. We have to apply ourselves in defense, because today's goals cannot happen to us again.” He added. 




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