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01 Dec 2017
Parralo and his players were content with the performance of the team, though were also sad as they were close to achieve the comeback. The coach of UD Las Palmas talked to reporters without knowing he was about to get fired.

Cristóbal Parralo liked his team for the sacrifice that was done, but was also conscious that the comeback was almost impossible, “I am content with the performance of all the players, they worked really well. We reached the final stage of the game with options of tying the series.”

“At the beginning we saw it was far, but later we saw that there were options and gave everything. We risked everything and put a lot of players in front of the ball. I believe we had several chances to tie the scoresheet. Truly the chances to pass the tie were far.” He added,

He is convinced that the expulsion of Juanfran at the Riazor was key to the outcome, “Without doubt. The whole time we played with one less player had a big weight on this, but we must look forward. We must accept the work of the players. The players are leaving reinforced from this match.”

Finally, Parralo said that the team wanted to continue in Copa despite the current situation in liga, “I think that we demonstrated that the Cup competition is something we could handle. I think that, beyond we were close to win the series, it was Las Palmas the side closer to lose it, but we also put our part for it. It was a pity as we had a couple of chances to score the 1-4 and we stayed in the tie until the final minutes.”

Borja Valle scored a brace and was happy with his performance, “This will reinforce the Deportivismo as we can now believe. It must be helpful in order to reinforce ourselves. I am content in a personals sense, you had nerves for not playing, but had good feelings. It was a while without playing 80 or 85 minutes. I hope this will serve to see people not forgetting about us.”

The striker was explaining why Depor seemed to be pushing until the second half, “What happened is that we didn’t have those opportunities at the start, those opportunities. Maybe our pressure was timider, and after the goal of Çolak it made us to give a step forward, and you started to believe. And we were close to achieve it until the last minute.” 

Debutant Steve One said that he was feeling comfortable on the pitch, “The true is that I felt very comfortable, the team mates helped me inside and outside the field. I felt comfortable and did the same things than at the second team.  I was wishing to have the opportunity and enjoyed it on the field.”

Meanwhile, Pedro Mosquerawas explaining what the players were feeling in the game, “We knew it was hard to turn around the tie, it was difficult, but we had our chances to score the 1-4. A pity as we were in until the end. We knew they would be nervous with a goal and it was like that, while we knew that allowing a goal meant nothing as we still needed four, so we pushed and scored the third goal with Borja. Then their second goal came when we were attacking. We never surrendered, and it was a pity as the good work wasn’t rewarded with the qualification.”

At UD Las Palmas, a weird situation occurred as coach Pako Ayestarán was fired hours after the game. Still, he talked after the game without knowing the news and was defending his work, “They scored in their first approach and later we allowed other two goals in incredible defensive errors. Truly they had several chances within the last fifteen minutes, but in the end we scored the 2-3 and qualified, and not everyone can say that as several Primera teams were eliminated.”




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