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04 Dec 2017
Fabril had several opportunities to score, but ended only with a point as visiting goalie Brais saved his team. Second straight game without scoring for Depor’s lads, and third straight clean sheet.

Gustavo Munúa was still having a long list of casualties: Carlos López, Lucas Viña, Luis, Bicho and Luismi were all injured, while Francis Uzoho was suspended. At the same time the coach decided to rest Queijeiro, Edu Expósito and Óscar García, the first two were not even picked for the match. In the end there were five lads from Juvenil A on the bench: Ricardo Costa, Iago Gandoy, Sergio Ortuño, Pablo Porrúa and Pedro Alves

The lineup was a 4-2-3-1 figure with Álex Cobo covering the goal, Blas Alonso performed at the right-back position, Quique Fornos and Steve One were the centre-backs, Diego Caballo performed at the left. Martín Bengoa and Gaizka Martinez were the centre midfielders, Borja Galán attacked from the right wing. Jorge Romay was the playmaker, Ismael Díaz performed on the left flank and Uxío Dapena was the centre forward.

Rápido de Bouzas arrived to the game completing a decent season as a recently promoted club, they had won two of the previous three games and were only three points below the promotion zone. Coach Borja Jiménez was relying in Carlitos and David Eugenio ‘Deivid’ as the references in attack, both have scored three goals on the season.

Despite missing the goals, the public at Abegondo enjoyed and witnessed a good match, there were countless opportunities, but both keepers kept the zeros on the scoresheet.

The game started with an early yellow card for due to a foul at midfield, the first big chance came at minute 3, Ismael Diaz assisted Borja Galán inside the area, and the striker fired from the left side and his low attempt was saved by visiting goalie Brais Pereiro.

Fabril started to dominate the actions with the passage of the minutes, Rápido Bouzas were trying to put a high pressure, but the locals managed to overcome it, so the ball was spending more time on the visiting side of the field.

The next opportunity came at minute 11, Blas Alonso dribbled a rival at the right wing and his cross was headed by Ismael Díaz, but the ball went over the crossbar. Just one minute later Borja Galán drilled a cross from the right, Martín Bengoa found the ball at the box and his shot was saved by Brais.

Rápido’s first approximation was a lateral free-kick, Diego Diz released a high cross and Steve One cleared the danger after a header at the far post (18’). Two minutes later Diz was collecting the ball at the box after a cross from Carlito, and Álex Cobo made save at the goal line.

At this height in the game the situation was more equal, the visiting side was having opportunities and Carlitos should have scored at minute 26, but he missed the target when he was alone at the left side of the area.

Fabril’s next chance came at minute 30, it was a great move of Uxío on the left, but neither Romay nor Ismael Díaz found the way to shot on target firing from inside the box. Four minutes later Gaizka Martínez was heading out a corner from the right. At minute 38, Uxío didn’t arrive in time to connect a cross from Caballo.

The second half started with a chance for both sides; first Rápido de Bouzas was close to score through a header of Deivid that was saved by Cobo (46’). In the next play, a combination of Uxio and Ismael Díaz ended with Borja Galán assisting Caballo, and the left-back missed the target firing from the edge of the area.

At minute 50, Borja Galán attempted a drilling attempt and Brais made the save. The game continued to be entertaining in the second part, both sides were having scoring chances so the public at Abegondo was having a good time despite the goals weren’t arriving.

Ismael Díaz and Borja Galán continued to be the best players at Fabril, side that was dangerous through his game with short passes. But Rápido de Bouzas were also looking dangerous through the quick attacks lead by Carlitos.

Precisely, Carlitos created the next big chance for the visiting side, he assisted Diego Diz at the left corner of the area and his curved shot was saved by Álex Cobo (55’). So, it was surprising when Carlitos was replaced by Anderson at the middle of the second part.

The entry of Anderson was made in order to add speed to the counterattack of Rápido Bouzas, and the result was to see the game converted into an exchange of blows, an example was what happened at minute 61. Ismael Díaz dribbled a rival and was close to make a box-to-box play, but Isma stole the ball and in the counterattack Anderson unleased a quick play on the left that ended with a cross that Fornos headed out before the arrival of an attacker.

The response from Munúa was to add more speed on the pitch as he replaced Uxío with Óscar García, now Ismael Díaz was the centre forward and Pinchi was attacking from the left wing. At minute 69, Romay attempted a low and strong shot from the edge of the area, but Brais deflected the ball to corner-kick.

The second substitution at Fabril was the entry of Sergio Ortuño for Martin Bengoa.  And the midfielder was close to score in the best play of Fabril in the second half, it was a counterattack in which Óscar collected a high cross from the left, but his final shot was saved by Brais, and the loose ball was connected by Ortuño, who missed the target firing from inside the area (76’).

The game ended with referee Álvaro López on the spotlight, first he didn’t want to whistle a clear penalty over Ismael Díaz. The Panamanian was pushed from behind when he was about to face the keeper (82’). Later he sent off two players from Rápido. Substitute Yago Pérez saw two yellow cards after only been for eight minutes on the pitch, then Óscar Sielva was sent off after a tough tackle over Óscar (88’).

For the first time on the season Fabril have missed to score in two straight games, but Depor’s lads had countless opportunities, and only visiting goalie Brais saved his team. At the same time it’s the third straight clean sheet for the lads. Fabril remain second at the standings and on next Sunday they visit another Galician neighbor, CCD Cerceda (16h30 CET).

Fabril (4-2-3-1) Álex Cobo - Blas, Fornos, Steve One, Caballo – Gaizka Martínez, Martín Bengoa (Sergio Ortuño 72’) - Borja Galán (Pedro Alves 89’), Romay, Ismael Díaz – Uxío (Óscar García 65’)
Rápido de Bouzas: (4-2-3-1) Brais Pereiro – Adrián Gómez, Ruxi (Coti 35’), Cristian, Colo – Sielva, Isma Gallar – Caba, Diego Diz, Deivid (Yago Pérez 79’) – Carlitos (Anderson 59’).
Referee: Álvaro López. He showed yellow card to Steve One (1’), Ruxi (6’), Cristian (32’), Romay (43’), Sielva (54’) & Álex Cobo (83’). Yago Pérez was sent off with two yellow cards (80’ & 88’). Óscar Sielva was sent off with a direct red card (89’).
Venue: Abegondo (800).





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