05 Jan 2007
Joaqu?­n Caparr??s talked with sportpaper <i>AS</i> previously to the confrontation with Real Madrid. He mentioned that his squad needs to change its mentality in order to return to the path of the victory. The Sevillan trainer also had eulogies for his colleague, Fabio Capello.

Q: The worst rival in the worst moment?
A: It's the one that we have to face, it isn't the best nor the worst one. Besides, they also need the points.

Q: But they are more dangerous outside home...
A: The data is there and it's telling you the strong and the weak points of this team. Real Madrid has troubles when they play at home, but they work harder in the away matches.

Q: Depor accumulates nine games without a victory, do you have the formula in order to break this statistic?
A: We have to impulse our stronger points, to be organised and not to be afraid. We have to search the result and play at the same level than (Real) Madrid. If you are afraid or full of doubts, they will hit you.

Q: Was the Christmas break a good thing to stop this negative tendency?
A: We have made an analysis in order to solve it. Let's see if the treatment will work.

Q: What treatment?
A: We have fell into this negative tendency. The squad needs to return to the origin: sacrifice and a big effort. This isn't a matter of youngsters and veterans, is a matter of recovering a collective mentality.

Q: Do you think that this mentality has been already implemented in Real Madrid by Capello?
A: They are now an organised squad and every player knows their roll. That was a thing that they lost during the last seasons. I know Fabio since he was at Milan, and he always maintains a certain mentality. That's important, he has personality. He dominates the concept that he wants to implement in the group

Q: Do you think that Capello will be able to achieve the championship fro Real Madrid  on this season?
A: I see Sevilla as a superior team compared to Real Madrid and Barcelona. It's the best structure in Spain, The most modern club in the Spanish league.

Q: How do you see the fact that they are realising Soldado and De la Red in order to leave a space for Gago, Higua?­n and Marcelo?
A: I was part of Real Madrid B, and I can tell you that their young system is the best one. If they went to Argentina and Brazil is because they made an analysis, maybe this boys are better than the locals.

Q: But it was necessary?
A: A club like (Real) Madrid has to act according to the situations. They have a squad full of veterans, and now they are searching for young talents.

Q: What you will give for De la Red and Soldado...
A: We were following both players with interest, but we couldn't fulfill the operation. Let's see if we can now sign a player that could help us.

Q: What do you prefer: to face Ronaldo or Van Nistelrooy?
A: The structure of (Real) Madrid is the same, no matter who is playing. Both of them are very good strikers.

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