07 Dec 2017
Goalkeeper Rubén Martínez conceded a interview to La Voz de Galicia, the Galician talked of the situation with the goalkeepers at Depor and his error facing Sevilla CF.

 Q: How is it going?
A: Good, good, as always.

Q: It's not a rhetorical question after the last game.
A: Obviously when you get a goal like that you always stay thinking about it, but that's it. It's over and there's nothing that can be done.

Q: Was it an error or an accident?
A: No, you can look for explanations, but it was a mistake, period. Nothing else. We must continue forward. A failure like any other can be, but it was like that and that's it. There is no need to go around and look for explanations. Because sometimes you look for explanations and it sounds like excuses. If you want, you can look for an explanation and try to fix it and nothing else. And look forward.

Q: The coach complained that the shot was made without any mark over the attacker.
A: What I think when I get a goal is what I can improve, or what I can correct, I don’t go further. If we lose the ball in the corner of the other goal, it doesn’t influence me. What affects me is our goal. Yes, it is an error, but I don’t like to look for excuses or avoid the bulk. Now it's time to look forward.

Q: And that it won’t happen again.
A: No, today I think about today's training and tomorrow I will think about tomorrow's training. It is done. And the most immediate is the game of the weekend, but it’s over. It was a failure, we must accept it and move forward. No need to review it again.

Q: What happens to the goalkeepers of Depor this season?
A: I don’t know. Is it just the keeper’s fault?

Q: Good question.
A: I failed this weekend, but we don’t only had failures at the goal. This is a collective game and we all have to improve. I already say that I don’t try to dodge my responsibility or anything like that, but a player can only win a game or two, but it will be specific moments. You can score a goal, but the regularity is not given by a single player, it is a team effort. So, I think we should all look inward, starting with me, of course, and give more, because what we are giving isn’t enough.

Q: They are creating less chances.
A: Yes, we are working and improving, but we still have aspects to work on, because it isn’t enough to win games, which is what it’s about, to have a regularity. And that requires the involvement of everyone. Obviously, I recognize my responsibility this weekend in the second goal and I will try to improve, but always with a very calm mentality, because I give one hundred percent, with a hundred percent mentality and a hundred percent effort. I have a clear conscience, I give everything, I never left anything here and if it goes wrong it will not be due to effort, mentality or other reasons. It will be because they are things that happen

Q: Is your career at Depor more complicated of what you would like?
A: Yes, I came with great enthusiasm, with hope, and I still have the same or more, but last year was complicated, because first I wasn’t picked, then I had to leave to keep having minutes and to return here and fight for a position. I did it, then I was injured and now I'm back and regaining feelings little by little. This weekend I had successes and that mistake too, and move on. They say that good things cost effort.

Q: How is the environment at the training sessions of the goalkeepers?
A: Despite all the situations we had, there is a good work environment. Obviously, someone is angrier at some point, including me, obviously, for example when I was not playing, but always with respect. I think there is a good relationship between everyone and a good working climate.

Q: Maybe some reinforcements will arrive in January, even for the goal.
A: Yes, if the club thinks that it must sign more players or more goalkeepers, perfect. The important thing is the team, that they come to add and win games. I have no problem. I'm happier when I play, and I always want to play, that's why I came, but here is a chain of command and if you think it's convenient for other players or another goalkeeper to come, it will be welcomed. The important thing is that we win and save ourselves.

Q: Why the fans must believe in the victory next Saturday?
A: The changing room is with desire, because to ourselves it also hurts when you lose, and we are the first ones that want to win. I understand that the fans get angry and show their opinion, but one reason to believe in us is that this team never surrenders. Two weekends ago we tied the score twice, and in Las Palmas we fought until the last minute to turn the tie in the Cup. We are fighting and that’s what we are going to continue doing.




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