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09 Dec 2017
Depor’s coach doesn’t want to talk of transfers and prefers to focus in the important game against Leganés. The rival’s coach wants to dream with Europe.

Cristóbal Parralo conceded a short press conference on Friday’s noon. He talked for six minutes about the state of the team, including the exit of Arribas. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Will inside the changing room: “We are eager to play, knowing the importance of it and trying to take care of every detail in order to compete at the best level.”

Leganés: “It’s a team that knows how to compete, they change the system and have good players. It’s a team that has demonstrating that’s a good group. They know what they are doing.”

Cartabia: “Fede is an important player for the team and for the club, all of them are necessary, but no one is essential. Another partner will claim his spot and let’s move forward.  We hope he will recover soon.”

Arribas: “He has permission from the club, as you well know, let’s see if his exit is completed, if it is done then it will be done, if not then he will continue to be a player of Deportivo.”

Three centre-backs left at the team: “I am content with the three centre-backs at the first team, plus the ones at the B squad. I believe the position is well covered. If we have valorized to end with three centre-bacs, it is because we trust the players left and the ones from the B squad. [Steve] One has been working with us and also Quique [Fornos], so we are content with what we are doing.”

Winter market: “I am focused in tomorrow’s game, we must be focused in tomorrow’s three points, we need them, and at the right moment we will see what the club decides.”

Importance of the game: “It’s a very important game, the three points are gold. We need them and it should give us the confidence to face what’s ahead. We face all the games forced to go out and try to win, we are convinced that we can win.”

Support from the fans: “I am convinced they will be supporting the team. They know the importance of the meeting and we will try to give them motives to be receiving that support.”

Tough calendar to end the first round: “We know that, if we do the right things, then we don’t need to worry about anyone else. We need to do the right things, if not, then it’s useless.”

Çolak as a starter?: “He is a player with quality, we all know him and can add that quality to the team. He is working at the top and has the same possibilities to play than the rest.”

Asier Garitano also conceded his press conference on Friday’s noon, he wants to see his tram dreaming of the possibility of reaching the European places. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Searching for a positive result: “We are facing a good rival that’s down there, we have the goal of trying to improve our position. We are seventh and let’s see if we can reach the sixth position, and for this we need to improve, because we didn’t get anything from our last three away games. We need to play a good game before a rival down there. It’s going to be complicated.”

Plan for the game: “We have a clear idea, later we will see if the rival allows us. It will always depend of our level. They have pretty good players in attack, but it always depend on you.”

Comparison with the game against Villarreal: “It was easier, because it was enough with playing a good game and scoring at your home.”

Is the goal Europe? “We cannot forget who we are, but at this point in December we have the chance to be up at the sixth position, and I want everyone having that hope.”

Raúl García as a centre-back: “He was fine before. They train at the top and I am content with their performance. “

Andone and Lucas Pérez playing at the same time: “I don’t care, anyone is going to suffer with Depor. We are talking of Lucas, Andone and Adrián. We are at Primera División and everyone has good players. The important thing is to keep a good line.”



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