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11 Dec 2017
Depor’s coach was satisfied with the performance of the team and was emphasizing the clean sheet. The players did the same, Juanfran was comparing Adrián with the impact had by Babel on last season.

Coach Cristóbal Parralo was content with the game of his team, “I am very content with the three points, I believe we deserved the three points. Each game is difficult, the fact of scoring another goal would have given us some calm, but by not doing it we were pending of not allowing a goal, but we made a very good defensive game. We feel satisfied with today’s defensive work Today we were facing a team that had more points than us, and I saw a team that deserved to win.”

Asked about why Çolak isn’t a starter more often, he answered that, “Because another partner was playing for him, today he did it right. I am content with his performance and also with what he did at Las Palmas. Last week, against Sevilla, we decided that he should only play for the last thirty minutes for the effort done in midweek. It was a while without him playing as a starter, and now we hope he can continue in the same lane.”

He was also emphasizing the importance of the clean sheet, “It is very important. If we want to win games, then we need to achieve a clean sheet. We cannot score twice like in other opportunities and then end losing the games.”

Finally, Parralo hopes that the victory could motivate the team to play better, “It is true that you are pushed to play better when you are down there, and it’s true that the calendar is complicated, but the important thing today was to win. It is a reinforcement when you win like this: been superior to the rival and clinching a clean sheet. I hope it will be noticed in the next games.”

Juanfran was comment the result, “We needed this, the work done during the week has a reward and today’s match was a difficult game before a rival that already added a lot of points. We also added a clean sheet, so there are several good things to celebrate. We were coming after a bleeding with defensive errors and you grow up having a good defence. The team had the ball and we defended less. The fans needed a game to celebrate.”

The right-back was praising Adrián and compared his importance to the one of Babel on last season, “We have a player like Adrián, who is one point above the rest. He marks the difference as Babel did last year, and thankfully he will be the full year with us. More victories will arrive if we play like this.”

Celso Borges was also content with the victory, “We managed to make a good game, and now we were able to complement it with a good result. It brings morale and will be helpful to face the next week with a new feeling. We were needing this. We always believed in what we were doing, what happens is that we needed the result.”

The midfielder was also emphasizing the importance of the clean sheet, “The team is scoring goals, and we can complement it having a good defence, then we can win more games. The defensive solidity makes a good team. With the work done during the week we have been trying to give more importance to the offense, and always with a better work in defence.”

Adrián was praised for his performance, he commented that, “I am only trying to help. We all must try to give everything in every game, and today we did it. I believe we needed these three points and we deserved to pick them up. “

The attacker as also emphasizing the importance of the clean sheet, “The options are higher if you clinch a clean sheet. They didn’t have clear chances and the team was fine in those aspects. We scored a goal and maybe missed to score more to be calmer, but we were able to achieve a clean sheet. Not always is possible, but we did it today and it gave the three points.”

At CD Leganés, Asier Garitano was very disappointed with the performance of his men, “Depor won an easy game for them because we weren’t fine. If I would have been able to change five or six men at half-time then I would have done it, because the first half was pretty bad. Nothing worked of what we previously talked.”

“Depor deserved to win. We never felt comfortable on the pitch at every moment in the game and we were only in until the end due to the 1-0 in the scoresheet, because we could have had a play to tie the actions, but it didn’t happen as the rival was better than us.” He added.



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