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12 Dec 2017
Weird game at O Roxo, Fabril scored three goals in the middle of a big storm and playing in a flooded pitch, later Cerceda scored twice within the final minutes and could have tied the meeting.

Gustavo Munúa was still having a long list of casualties: Carlos López, Lucas Viña, Luis, Bicho, Jardel and Luismi were all injured, but keeper Francis Uzoho was returning from a suspension, though was sat on the bench. There were three lads from Juvenil A on the bench too: Iago Gandoy, Sergio Ortuño and Sito.

The lineup was a 4-2-3-1 figure with Álex Cobo covering the goal, Blas Alonso performed at the right-back position, Quique Fornos and Steve One were the centre-backs, Diego Caballo performed at the left flank. Martín Bengoa and Gaizka Martinez were the centre midfielders, Óscar García attacked from the right wing. Jorge Romay was the playmaker, Borja Galán performed on the left wing and Ismael Díaz was the centre forward.

The rival was CCD Cerceda, team that won four of the first five games on the season, but that later have spent twelve straight games without winning. The coach of the team is Tito Ramallo, the former coach of Fabril. He was relying in Tiago Portuga, Gorka Luariz and Hugo Rama for the offensive positions.

The game was close to be suspended due to the weather conditions, this since it was raining in several parts of Galicia during the weekend, still the lawn was in acceptable conditions at the moment of the kick-off, so the referees allowed to play the game.

It was impossible to play football due to the conditions of the pitch, it was fine within the first five minutes, but the rain continued to strike against the O Roxo field and by half-time it was more like a water polo game. Cerceda reacted until the end and was close to tie the score.

A heavy rain started minutes before the kick-off, the pitch was fine at the beginning and Fabril were able to control the match through its passing style. The first scoring opportunity came at minute 6, it was a corner-kick from the left that Borja Galán headed at the penalty spot, the ball went into the far post and Romay was unable to connect it.

With the passage of the minutes the rain converted the situation into a flooded pitch, so both sides had to play with long passes and aerial balls. Fabril had its next opportunity in its second corner in the game, but Martín Bengoa missed the target firing from the edge of the area (11’).

The first chance for the locals also came in a corner-kick, Hugo Rama headed the cross from the left, but he missed the target (14’). Óscar was close to score in the next play, it was a lateral free-kick that he headed into the path of local goalie Gorka Magunazelaia, who made save.

And then Fabril scored the first goal in the game. Óscar made the run on the left wing after a goal-kick for the visiting side, he released a high cross that Ismael Díaz met at the far post to score the goal.

The game continued the same script, mainly because the heavy rain was still striking O Roxo and the teams had to play through the aerial game and long throws. So, the chances to score where only coming in set-pieces. The next one was a free-kick for CCD Cerceda, but Hugo Rama sent the ball over the crossbar (28’).

And Fabril scored a second goal, just when the ball was no longer rolling over the lawn. A cross from the left was found by Ismael Díaz inside the box, luckily the ball was stuck there and Óscar García ended assisting the Panamanian with a heel pass and he scored his second in the game firing from the goal line.

The rain continued for the second half, Fabril were finding the cracks at midfield and released quick counterattacks, but the poor conditions of the pitch didn’t allow to translate it into scoring opportunities. Both teams were only able to advance through long throws and aerial passes, so the scoring opportunities were scarce.

And those chances were for Fabril, Óscar scored the third goal with a long-distance volley in a counterattack. Ismael Díaz should have scored the fourth in another counterattack, but keeper Gorka blocked the attempt from the attacker when he was alone before the keeper (81’).

It seemed everything was defined and Munúa made his three substitutions, which included to allow the debut of Juvenil A midfielder Iago Gandoy, but suddenly CCD Cerceda found two quick goals that menaced Fabril’s victory.

It all started with a lateral free-kick on the left, the ball went into the area, Alex Cobo failed to punch the ball, Pedrosa connected it and the ball hit the crossbar, then substitute Daniel Pedrosa pushed the ball in despite a defender was trying to clear it at the goal line.

The second goal from the locals also came with a cross from the left, there were two headers inside the area, the second by Tiago passed over Alex Cobo and hit the crossbar to end at the back of the net. Suddenly CCD Cerceda saw that the equalizer was possible, and it was about to arrive in a new header of Tiago that Alex Cobo cleared (90+3’).

Fabril seized its opportunities in a game without football but with five goals. CCD Cerceda were close to tie the actions at the end. Óscar scored and gave two assists, while Ismael Díaz scored a brace. The team remains second at the standings and on next Sunday closes the first round hosting CD Toledo (Abegondo, 12h00 CET).

Comments from Munúa: “The team was adapted to the weather. We interpreted the situation and controlled the game, always creating danger at the rival’s goal. It was a pity what happened within the last five minutes, but it’s a learning to avoid it before another team. These are different games in which you need to be alert. You need to know how to play them and we did it.”

Cerceda: (4-2-3-1) Gorka – Oriol Dot, Juanmi (Axel 46’), Soto, Leo Adams – Keko, Armando (Pedrosa 46’) – Hugo Rama (Daniel Pedrosa 85’), Claudio, Tiago – Gorka Luariz.
Fabril: (4-2-3-1) Álex Cobo - Blas, Fornos, Steve One, Caballo – Gaizka Martínez, Martín Bengoa (Gandoy 78’) – Óscar (Raúl González 86’), Romay (Sergio Ortuño 88’), Borja Galán - Ismael Díaz.
Goals: 0-1: (19’) Ismael Díaz, 0-2: (34’) Ismael Díaz, 0-3: (79’) Óscar, 1-3: (88’) Daniel Pedrosa, 1-2: (90+1’) Tiago
Referee: Jaime Ruiz. He showed yellow car to Blas Alonso (15’), Romay (25’), Steve One (27’), Hugo Rama (46’), Oriol Dot (50’), Óscar (64’) & Borja Galán (64’)
Venue: O Roxo (300)




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