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15 Dec 2017
Playmaker Emre Çolak is not happy for how his season has gone, but right now is content as his participation is increasing. He foresees a very tough game at the Camp Nou.

Emre Çolak addressed the media on Thursday’s noon, just after the training session, he talked of the upcoming visit to FC Barcelona, the situation that Andone is facing and his intermittent presence in the lineups,

He started complaining of his lack of participation each time that a new coach has landed at Deportivo, “I’m always at the bench when a new coach is arriving. I don’t get it… I am always ready to play and train at the top. I don’t get it, but never complained before the coach, because I know he is searching for the best for the team.”

In this sense the Turkish playmaker feels identified with the situation lived by Florin Andone, a striker without too many minutes since the arrival of Parralo, “I know that Andone is sad right now, I was too, but you can only wait and work hard. We must respect the coach.”

He is aware that the next game with Barcelona is going to be tough, and doesn’t think that their upcoming derby with FC Barcelona is going to affect them, "We will have to run more than against Leganés. I will run and will try to help in defence. I don’t think Barcelona are going to be affected by the game with Real Madrid, they are a big club and are used to these things.”

About the fact that Parralo has tested the same lineup that defeated CD Leganés, Çolak commented that, “The victory over Leganés has had a positive effect in us. I hope to play this week too. I believe the same eleven men are going out, but if the coach changes his mind then it will be fine.”

“We all know that Barca is a great team and that, if they play as they know, then we all know how the game is going to end, but we must play as a team, run as a team, this in order to get points as in past years. “ He finalized.



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