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08 Jan 2007
Everything was happiness in Deportivo. The victory at the Riazor has generated a sensation of relief in the players and also in Caparr??s. Capdevila confessed that he was suffering of a strong pain in his left ankle when he scored the first goal of the match. Meanwhile, Lendoiro announced the date in which he expects to be changing the statutes of the club: February.

The win against Real Madrid was a relief for coach Joaqu?­n Caparr??s, as he said after the game: "I want to dedicate this victory to my players, and especially to our fans, they were hoping to see us wining this match. We were needing something like this after the image that we left in Sevilla. We have offered them a big effort, collective work and sporting solidarity."

The Sevillan trainer had also individual eulogies for his players: "Arizmendi has to continue in this way. We will cheer him up, because he is one of the most skilful players in la liga. Soon he will start to score, that's for sure. They will start talking about Real Madrid, but I want to emphasise the work of Andrade, Arizmendi and company, they have shown a very high level."

Caparr??s also confessed that Valer??n will play in the copa match with Mallorca: "I am happy with his return, and I can assure you that he will play a lot of minutes against Mallorca, I just don't know if he will start in that match."

Javier Arizmendi was the most dangerous player for Deportivo, he said after the game that he hopes to see a new beginning for Depor: "Let's hope that this victory will be a point of inflexion for us. This game must be the reference for our next visit to Huelva." The Madrilian striker also commented about the clear chance that he failed during the first half: "I believe that Casillas touched the ball and that was why I failed, but the important thing is the three points."

Captain Manuel Pablo analysed the strategy that Deportivo implemented in this game: "We knew that (Real) Madrid would leave a lot of empty spaces, and that's why we created a lot of pressure in order to steal the ball. We were needing a victory like this one."

A curious story was the one of Joan Capdevila, the Catalan defender confessed that he was in pain during the week (left ankle), and that was why he preferred to drill the ball into the barrier instead of searching a strong shot, he also dedicated the goal to the doctor that attended him during the week: "He said to me that I should dedicate a goal to him, and I did it."

The victory against the Madrilians has generated a sensation of relief in the squad, a thing demonstrated with the words of Riki after the confrontation: "It was a long time ago since I don't go out with a happy face after a match."

Cristian was also happy, especially with his first goal in Primera: "We were needing a goal and what better game to do it than against Real Madrid." He also expressed his satisfaction with the performance of the whole squad: "We worked a lot in the physical aspect, and it was noticed. We enjoyed a lot of occasions and the squad run all over the ninety minutes. Everyone was at 100%. Goodbye to the crisis? let's see if we can start  a new life in the new year."

The most stunning declaration was made by president Augusto C?©sar Lendoiro, Depor's boss said that the extraordinary meeting that will try to lift the restriction of the 1% about the possession of shares in the club, will take place at the end of February: "This extraordinary meeting must be realised immediately. I will bet for an exact date: the end of February, but it has to be confirmed."

Meanwhile, the defeat in Riazor has increased the sensation of crisis in Real Madrid. It has been commented that the president Calder??n, the sporting  director Mijatovic and coach Capello have maintained a meeting in order to analyse the situation. About the game, Fabio Capello admitted the superiority of Deportivo: "Depor won the match with justice. After they scored the first goal, they dominated the actions and we weren't able to play at the same rhythm that they imposed. In my squad, there are players that aren't able to do their job, I don't want to give names."

Jos?© Antonio Reyes, one of the jewels discovered by Caparr??s, was also very critical of his team: "If we continue playing like that, we aren't going anywhere . The team is missing some character. We have left a very negative image, and we are starting the year in the same way that we ended the last one. We have to react."

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