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27 Dec 2017
The humiliation in the derby and the disappointing season pushed to live a sad Christmas at Deportivo. Itís not clear if the club will go to the winter market in order to fix the situation.

The 1-3 loss at home before RC Celta left Deportivo in relegation, itís the ninth opportunity with Los Blanquiazules spending Christmas inside the drop zone. It happened before in the years 1946, 1956, 1964, 1966, 1969, 1971, 2007 and 2012. Only for the campaigns 1971/72 and 2007/08 the team was able to avoid relegation at the end of the season.

With all eyes looking at the club and already blaming the president and the sporting director for a new disappointing season, the fans are expecting for movements in the winter market. Some sources like Radio Cadena Ser reported that Deportivo will make two or three signings, one is a new centre-back that will replace the exit of Alejandro Arribas, the second in a centre midfielder and if thereís room for a third movement, a new goalkeeper.

But other sources, like Sportpaper AS, doubt that Depor will make signings despite the need to improve the performance of the team. President Tino FernŠndez said last month that the salary cap was almost fulfilled and that the club was closer to allow exits rather making signings.

ďAt this point we arenít planning an arrival, the only operations are exits. The sporting direction is always looking at the market, but there isnít any arrival in a final phase of negotiation. The exits are more advanced. We are thinking of the people with lesser minutes. It will help us to release some positions, and it will help them to have minutes.Ē He said last month in a public act and before the exit of Arribas.

Whatís true is that, if the club wants to reinforce the squad with two or more signings, then it will also need to allow exits. This since 24 of the 25 spots at the first team are already occupied. So, if the club wants to sign a new keeper then it must release first one of the three that are currently inscribed in la liga.



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