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05 Jan 2018
Tino Fernández talked to reporters and confirmed that Depor won’t make too many signings during the winter window. He also talked of the exits and the situation of Richard Barral.

President Tino Fernández attended to Abegondo on Thursday’s noon, this in order to join the youth teams for the Magic Kings meal and also take part of the official photos with the lads. At the moment of been in the lawn he agreed to talk to reporters.

Depor’s boss talked about the winter market, the exit of Richard Barral, the situation in liga, the status of coach Parralo, and also about the report of the bonuses asked for the players in case of winning the derby [La Voz de Galicia reported that one of the captain requested the bonus during the Christmas dinner of the club]. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Sporting secretariat: “The issues of the market will be covered with the people that are currently at the club and the coaches, we have many people at the sporting secretariat. And when the market ends, then we will start to plan next season and see if we hire somebody else. We are working as a team at the sporting direction, there is more people. I have the same weight at the moment of making the decisions, Ernesto Bello makes the analysis and later we made the decisions. We can make the work for the winter window with the people we have.”

Richard Barral: “His exit was like Richard explained it. It was a process off fatigue, and when there are no results, in the end that fatigue is bigger. We reached an agreement and maybe it was the best choice. I thank Richard for their work during all these years. We were fighting with clubs with bigger budgets, this year we have higher expectations, but it wasn’t possible, though we hope things can change.”

Signings for the winter window: “We are talking of making a few signings, we are working in order to bring a couple of reinforcements. It isn’t a revolution, you hear comments, but we still believing in the quality we have, though it’s also true that we aren’t satisfied with the performance, but we think it can arrive. We hope to improve making some adjustments. But we aren’t planning a revolution. We still trust this squad.”

Positions to be reinforced: “Fundamentally we are thinking of defensive positions, but we are open to other possibilities in the market.”

Number of signings for the winter market: “I think it could one or two. I see a high number of operations in the media, but it isn’t like that.”

Bonuses for the players if they would have won the derby: “I wasn’t present in that meal, because I had fewer after returning from the game at Barcelona, but we cannot give importance to it. I think it was something said during the dessert. The issue of the bonuses isn’t closed yet, in other years there were special bonuses for winning games, but this year nothing has been closed. I believe it isn’t an issue, because I don’t have doubts of the players’ will. This issue is always negotiated with the captains. For me it’s clear that the players are implied and wanted to win the derby. It’s very clear.”

Continuity of Parralo: “There isn’t any doubt. We totally trust him.”

Exits: “The normal thing is the players with lesser minutes, but you need an agreement between three parties:, the club, the player and the club of destiny.  At this moment we aren’t working in any exit. The exits would depend on the players’ wages, because it isn’t the same if a player with a low wage goes out than one with a bigger salary. “

Andone: “At the beginning he won’t leave, buy you never know. There was an interest in the summer, but we believe he should stay. We have Lucas Pérez, Florin Andone, Adrián… good attackers and we cannot lose the hope. It’s difficult for Deportivo to improve these players, what we need to improve is their performance, otherwise we wouldn’t be the second worst defence or wouldn’t only have eighteen points.”

Current situation in liga: “Circumstantially the team is in relegation tied in points with the team that we defeated in A Coruña. We are where we are, but neither is critical as a lot still ahead. With three less goals allowed we could be out. In the season of Víctor Sánchez we had 26 points at this height of the year, in the end we ended sweeting. This means that a lot of turns can happen, we cannot be mad. We can only think of working in every game and have the best possible version of the players, and as we can make adjustment with signings, the better.”



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