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13 Jan 2018
Depor’s coach keeps saying that the important thing is to improve and have regularity, while he revealed that Çolak is not totally fit to play. Valencia’s coach wants to improve their away record.

Cristóbal Parralo addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He said that Depor must continue improving and that only a series of positive results will bring the needed stability. The Andalusian also admitted that Çolak is having issues and that it’s the reason why he picked nineteen players for the game. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Adrián: “Adrián trained normally and is able to compete. He has no issues in order to be able to play tomorrow.”

Nineteen men on the roster: “Çolak didn’t end the training due to some issues, that’s why we have nineteen, we will try to recover him for tomorrow.”

Lucas Pérez: “Lucas is training at the top, he can improve just like the rest of us, including me.”

Optimism after the draw in Villarreal: “It was useful to have a calm week, but we are conscious of the current situation and that we’ve an important game tomorrow before a rival that’s doing the right things. I believe the team competed the other day, we still committing errors, but the confidence comes with a series of results, a dynamic, and that’s what we need to seek.”

Current situation of Depor: “It is marked by the position at the standings, and when you don’t have positive results then logically we aren’t in the situation that we wanted. But there are many games remaining in order to improve, in all senses. By winning three points tomorrow we will see things in a different way.”

Adrián, Lucas and Andone as starters? “We will see tomorrow. I never advance the lineup. I don’t like to give hints about who and how we are going to play. We always want to have the important players on the pitch, what happens is that many times it cannot happen. It doesn’t mean it can happen tomorrow.”

Defensive problems: “The numbers are there, we will try to not be vulnerable and to avoid giving them scoring chances. It marks you toy concede those numbers, we need to gain that confidence and little by little fit all the pieces together. What we need is a lane, to have four or five games saying that we aren’t allowing too many goals, then we can start saying we are solid.”

Andone: “He is fine. He has scored the last two goals and I’m content with his performance, I hope he can continue like that.”

Valencia: “It’s a team playing with intensity and clear ideas,. They have good players and a good dynamic. They are among the best on the season. It’s difficult, but we will try to win the game using our arguments. I have watched their games and they deserved more, lately they didn’t get the results, but have regularity.”

Plan for the game: “Valencia is a team that recovers the ball at midfield and it has quick transitions, they also know how to close the lines, since that point they wait to see the rivals losing the ball in order to release quick transitions. We must try to not have losses at that sector so we won’t give chances to them. There are other things, but I believe in my team and that we can compete.”

Signings: “I am focused in tomorrow’s game. I am not worried in that sense.”

The fans are upset: “The fans are always with the team, I hope that tomorrow they will help us in order to win this game. The players have personality, they have to assume that things, sometimes, aren’t right. They have experience at Primera to know how to face these situations.”

Marcelino Toral addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He is satisfied with the team at the middle of the season, but wants to improve the away record. The following iis a summary of the things he said.

Away games: “I believe that we didn’t deserve to lose in our last two visits, but we didn’t do enough to win them either. Deportivo need to win badly, they drew with Villarreal and they picked up a misleading result versus Celta Vigo at home. They are a team that can put pressure before the rival, they have good individuals but they haven’t worked as well as a collective as they had hoped. We have been thinking about this since the cup game, because we have the chance to get a win away from home, to be competitive on the road and to reach 40 points from the first half of the season. That’s an important motivation to get us to the highest possible levels of intensity and motivation for this game.”

Balance at the middle of the season: “I keep looking at it on a day-to-day basis, we have been capable of this after a lot of work in the pre-season, changing the squad, and we can say that we have got the majority of tactical decisions right. I’m also happy with this squad on a personal and professional level, with their attitude, ability and togetherness that has helped the fans to enjoy the team again this season, more than they thought they would and we are enjoying every day at work.”

The arrival of Coquelin “We have brought Coquelin this window, because we could do it, we were interested in him during the summer as he said, but we couldn’t get it done. Now, the chance came up quickly, the club reached an agreement with Arsenal thanks to the great work from Mateu Alemany with both, the club and the player. He is a very good signing and we want to thank him for his attitude to get involved as soon as possible with the team, including paying for a flight to be here yesterday, that shows his attitude.”

Maksimović : “It’s almost sure that he will play against Deportivo. Since tomorrow we will see what happens.”

Will Vietto stay at the lineup? “We will play with two strikers. We have four that have offered a very good performance. Everybody will be benefited. The coach will choose the one that’s better for the job. It’s good to be playing twice in the week.”

More signings: “I knew there could be some signings, as others had said so at the club. Two options came up in the market that we hadn’t thought about, and if there is something that I was surprised for, it was how quickly they both got done. It was difficult for Vietto to be able to come, and I thought the same about Coquelin. We are lucky to have a great sporting director and I don’t know how he does it, but he does these things, and we have an owner that supports us and a president that is pulling in the same direction to make the team very competitive while spending as much as they can allow themselves to.”



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