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15 Jan 2018
Deportivo remain paying a high price for its errors, the keepers remain committing huge mistakes and the trident in attack didn’t met the expectations.

The five notes from the game Vs. Villarreal CF:

1- The team of the “if”: If Borges would have scored the goal in the header that hit the post then the game would have been different. If Rubén would have made the save then Depor would have avoided the uncomfortable situation of been in disadvantage before a rival expert in the counterattack. If Adrián would have scored at the end then the team would have rescued a point.

It’s the season of the “if” at Deportivo, on more time punctual situations led to a negative result with a team that made a decent job in big part of the game. Too many errors are costing a lot of points and the worst part is that these errors aren’t new and haven’t been fixed.

2- A team unable to follow a game plan: Perhaps the biggest error that persists is the inability of the players to keep the concentration throughout the game. Parralo said before the meeting that the key was to not lose the ball at midfield and avoid the quick transitions from Valencia, well Depor did it, but only for 30 minutes. After conceding the first goal the team fell apart and lost its mind, so the losses at midfield were constant in the rest of the game and the true is that Valencia CF could have scored more times.

3- Third error of the season from Rubén: The torment at the goal continues for Deportivo. Rubén should have blocked the low shot of Guedes that ended in the first goal, it not only gave the advantage to the rival, but it also mentally pushed the team out of the game.

This is the third error of Ruben Martínez on this season that leads to a goal from the rival. It happened in the opening matchday with Real Madid (0-3) and also in the second goal of Sevilla at the Pizjuán stadium (2-0, matchday 14).

4- The trident Lucas-Andone-Adrián: For the first time on the season Depor played with the trident that the fans have been requesting, and the true is that it didn’t succeed. Lucas was constantly making bad choices, while Andone and Adrián were playing their own war.

The only time in which the three of them combined was in the play of the goal. Lucas released the cross, Adrián assisted and Andone scored. There was also a spark in the last play as Lucas made a great volley pass and Adrián wasted the equalizer.

5- Third straight game with Andone scoring: Florin Andone scored for the third straight opportunity and is now the top-scorer of the team (5). The Romanian scored in four straight matchdays on last season (between matchdays 11 and 14 facing Granada CF, Sevilla CF, Málaga CF and Real Sociedad).




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