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15 Jan 2018
Sadness with a new defeat of Deportivo, Parralo was trying to keep the optimism despite the endless errors, while Andone believes the result was unfair.

Coach Cristóbal Paralo was commented the new defeat, “This is a tough defeat to swallow, but you have to do it. The game was favourable to them due to an error from us, from there we tried to be in the game and sought for the equalizer, we had arrivals and missed to end the plays. Later, another error increased the difference. We tried until the end to get something and I cannot reproach anything to the players.”

He admitted felling impotent with the endless errors of the players, “Every game is the same story, details that are expensive. But we have to assume it and continue working. What we need to do is to keep working and keep believing. Truly I feel impotent. We had a clear chance to claim the lead, but we always have to go against the tide, and at Primera División it’s very difficult to turn around the game each week.”

But he was trying to remain optimistic, “I am the first one that must continue fighting. I don’t see a team unwilling to work. Adrián didn’t want to fail that chance, the keeper wanted to make the save, Raúl [Albentosa] wanted to pass the ball. These are errors that are expensive at Primera División. But I cannot judge, because in football without errors there are no goals, it’s just that it cannot be always us.”

Finally, Parralo didn’t want to comment of possible arrivals during the winter window, “Today it’s the last thing that I am thinking, I am only thinking of how to see the team standing up, of how to compete in order to add points. It’s the only thing in my mind.”

Juanfran Moreno was commenting the bitter taste of the game, ““It is the same pattern of the first round, it’s true that the team is more in during the games, but today in two disgraces the game was 0-2 and we had a clear chance to tie at the end. The rest of the game is fine and we can only continue.”

“We faced the best team of the first round, and it did little to defeat us. They didn’t have too many chances and their goals came from nowhere. It has been complicated, but the team must continue competing. We are failing at our area and also at the one of the rival. It’s the reality. Today the team was fine, it fought and gave everything.” He added.

Florin Andone believes the result was unfair, “It’s an unfair defeat. I believe the team was fine during big part of the game. We had criterion with the ball, but in the end it’s unfair We didn’t deserve to concede two goals in this game, and yes we deserved to score more than a goal in this game. In the end we are screwed, because we fought hard. In the end we ended with nothing and let’s see if we have more luck in the next game.”

“We are sad, we are in a situation that… we are surprised as we dint’ deserve to lose. The players are sad and disappointed. In life you always pas through hard moments like it happened on last season and I’m sure we will move forward with this. It’s what happens when football isn’t at your side.” The striker added.

On Sunday, Luisinho was reflecting on the current situation of the team, “This year it will be harder to save ourselves. In other seasons you realized there were two or three teams that were inferior and you thought it was going to be harder for them, but now everything is more equal. The level is equal and I don’t see anyone that cans stay behind, as example Málaga, team that can pull up at any moment and leave that zone.”

At Valencia CF, Marcelino was commenting that, “We knew it was going to be a difficult game, Deportivo played well in attack, they played offensively and I think we defended well. The team was solid and committed, we knew the importance of defending well in order to win. It got difficult, but we resolved the game well, we were lucky with the first goal, I think that from the 20th minute onwards we were good, against an opponent that started with a high pace and that dominated us, but we defended well and slowly we took control and scored the first goal.”

“Yes, from the 87th minute when we conceded the goal, Deportivo put a lot of players in attack, they had four or five there, and with a second ball from the set-piece they could have equalized. Before that we had options for hitting them on the break, and before the 1-2 there was a move when Zaza’s shot could have been the third goal. This is La Liga, it’s tremendously competitive, but for us it was important to win and it was difficult too, but we reached the 40 points and we’ve broken that negative dynamic after two away defeats.”




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