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11 Jan 2007
Once again, Deportivo has left the pitch with a smile in its face. The two consecutive wins have gave tranquility to the players and also to coach Caparr??s. Maybe the most happy man was Adri??n L??pez 'Piscu', the Fabril's defender that debuted in this game, and he did it in a function that isn't normal for him: playing in midfield with Sergio.

Joaqu?­n Caparr??s expressed his satisfaction with the performance of his squad: "I am very happy with the effort done by my men. Clearing the presence of Aouate, Arbeloa and Manuel Pablo, the rest were different players to the ones that appeared on Sunday's match. This is a sign of the competition we have inside the squad. Everybody is awake and prepared to give battle for a spot in the lineups."

The Sevillan coach also believes that this eliminatory will be decided in Riazor: "It would be great to have a 2-0 advantage in the aggregate score, but it's also important to score away from home. We have now to face the second-leg. It would be a mistake to be thinking that we already qualified, because as I said it previously, the eliminatory will be decided in Riazor."

Caparr??s also expressed his happiness with the work done by Adri??n L??pez 'Piscu', the Fabril's youngster that debuted on this match: "I am really happy with him. He has made a very important job without the ball, and he helped Sergio to clear midfield."

Piscu was precisely the most happy man in Mallorca. The Galician youngster wanted to dedicate the game to his family: "It's really hopeful the fact of been making my debut. I would even play as a goalkeeper! I tried to play as I were performing with Fabril. But now I have to realise that the difficult thing isn't to be making my debut, is the fact of maintaining the spot for the future. For the moment, I want to dedicate this debut to my family and to the people of As Pontes (his hometown)."

The other Adri??n L??pez, the striker, was the one that inaugurated the score in Mallorca. He was satisfied with the fact of scoring his first goal with Depor, and also for the fact of seeing Taborda joining him in the scoresheet: "To score goals is a thing we always want, that's why Sebasti??n (Taborda) and I are happy. I believe that we were comfortable with the fact of been playing together."

Meanwhile, Sebasti??n Taborda left the game with a blow in the eye. A product of a collision with Ballesteros. The Uruguayan striker was also happy with his performance and also with the one of Adri??n: "We demonstrated that there's good material in our striking zone. It was just that the things weren't going in the correct way. Now this goals are giving us tranquility and confidence."

Antonio Barrag??n played as right winger on this confrontation, a fact that he found pleasant: "I am happy because we won. I played as a winger, and we all know that my natural position is at the right back, but I am pleased, because what I want is to help the squad. We made a great effort during the last minutes since we were with ten men on the pitch, we defended the victory."

A different situation is lived in Mallorca, the negative results of the past weeks have generated criticism against the coach Gregorio Manzano, but the Madrilian said after the game that he has enough strengths in order to change the situation: "As it has happened lately, a couple of plays have caused our defeat. We tried to win the game, but we faced a tough and strong rival. At least the goal of Maxi (L??pez) has gave us hope. I feel OK, I have enough strength in order to try to change this situation, I don't have problems. What the squad needs is to rise the morale, we need an stimulus."

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