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04 Feb 2018
The coach and the players admitted that it was an embarrassment for the fans, there were no complaints and neither excuses. Parralo said that he wants to continue in the job.

Cristóbal Parralo was overwhelmed with the result, he only spoke for four minutes during the press conference and started accepting that the performance of the team was an embarrassment, “Nothing to refuse to that comment, because it is like that. We can only apologize with the fans, because today we didn’t match the level. I believe the team was block. I believe we all yielded below our level. And it’s difficult to compete like that.”

He was asked if he had the strength to continue as the head coach, and answered that, “I will not cease from my effort to try to improve. Logically, after this game you cannot be happy. I am sorry for leaving this impression and I’m the responsible to see them not reaching their level. After the second goal we gave up entirely and stop competing.”

The reporters insisted that he could be sacked, the coach commented that, “I am not the one that must analyze this. I am analyzing what the team did, how we played, since then the president and the club must make that decision. Surely it was my responsibility that they didn’t match their level.”

Before leaving Parralo said that Deportivo did all things wrong in this match, “Today we were blocked, we weren’t able to win any aerial duel and neither to make a proper pass. It’s impossible to make a worse job.”

Lucas Pérez admitted that Depor embarrassed the fans at Anoeta, “We cannot say anything else: we were ridiculous in Anoeta. We came here and walked away, starting with me, it’s shameful. I want to leave the current situation.  I am not losing the hope. I am a winner and want to change. We must try to stand up in every possible way. We must stay together.”

A journalist asked if Parralo should continue, and the striker only answered that, “In football what prevails are the results.” Then he talked of the feelings of the fans, “Its normal that the fans are feeling ashamed. They feel ashamed as they are feeling impotent for not been able to do anything. They see the shipwreck and we all feel the same.”

Raúl Albentosa wore the armband in the game, he also admitted that Depor embarrassed the fans, “We also share the feeling, it has been a while since I don’t feel like this after a game. The true is that we are sunk. We can only push in order to move forward.   We can only ask apologies as the fans felt ashamed.”

“It was a disastrous game. We gave up at the end and they scored five times. We must work in order to prevent the first goal and start from there. We must defend our goal and then try to attack. We must defend together and change this, because it is going down.” The centre-back added.

Luisinho talked on Saturday as the team returned to train, the Portuguese was criticizing the level of Depor in recent years, “We are always saved at the end, and we cannot allow this. We had enough time to be settled in the league. Truly things are looking worse on this year as we haven’t been able to react. The first ones that must believe are ourselves.”

At Real Sociedad, Eusebio Sacristán was satisfied with the performance of his team, “It was a good game by the players in front of the fans, who were supporting us since the beginning. It was noticed that it was important, they matched the level that we expected. The circumstances were strongly emotional during the whole week and the team felt affected, but we were fine during the game, we knew how to handle the pressure that we had today.”



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