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14 Feb 2018
Seedorf arrived and changed several things, but Depor still playing the same poor football and still losing the games. The team showed a more aggressive behavior and is now the worse defence of the century.

The five notes from the game Vs. Real Betis:

1- New coach, same Depor: A lot was said during the week about how Seedorf was doing different things during the trainings, but at the moment of the game everything was the same. Apart from the issue of the aggressiveness, it was the same poor Deportivo, a team that has big problems creating scoring opportunities, and when they have the chances, simply the strikers donít seize them, while the rivals always need too little to end scoring a goal.

2- The aggressiveness: It isnít clear if it was an order from Seedorf or simply a consequence of the desperation of a dying team, but Deportivo were more aggressive than in past games. By half-time the Galician have already committed 13 fouls against none from the Andalusians. Things were more balanced in the second part as the number of fouls ended to be 19-7. This time the referee was condescending as he only showed two yellow cards to Depor, even the yellow shown to Bakkali could have been red.

3- The tactics of Seedorf: Seedorf demonstrated in his first game that he likes offensive draws and that he doesnít think twice at the moment of making adjustments. He presented an offensive 4-2-3-1 with two offensive midfielders and three attackers, after half-time he switched the draw into a 4-4-2 and even switched the wingers. It didnít help Depor as the team only completed two shots on target plus two that hit the posts.

4- The worst defence of the century: Depor have now allowed 51 goals in the 22 matchdays played so far, itís the worst mark of the century tied with Rayo Vallecano (2013/14). Curiously, Ruben MartŪnez was the keeper of Rayo on that campaign.

5- Another poor game by Krohn-Dehli: Michael Krohn-Dehli was considered as one of the best signings in the winter market, but after two games his contribution has been beyond poor. In this game he only made 40 touches and didnít complete a shot and not even provided a key pass. The Danish was replaced by Mosquera at minute 77.



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