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14 Feb 2018
Seedorf and the players were trying to transmit the idea that things changed despite the defeat and that the team must fight until the end.

Clarence Seedorf was trying to remain positive despite the delicate situation of Deportivo, “Each defeat is unhappy, but at this moment we must look to the things that were done correctly. It was a difficult game, they had the ball possession and it was knew since before, but the team was always ordered throughout the ninety minutes and they barely created danger. Betis have quality and we need to analyze the play of the goal.”

He always emphasized that a change can be noticed at the team, “Within the last twenty minutes we saw the strength to tie the game and we lacked more tranquility, which is normal. But the team fought and played as a team. Everybody wanted a different result, but we have more games to follow. We are convinced that we are on the right way. We are thinking that the attitude and the energy has changed.”

“We responded and I understand the phycological aspect. They want to give things to people and we need more patience. The work has been marked, the first reaction was witnessed. The team was competitive today before a rival with quality, we need to move forward and we need to believe in this group. I saw many good things and we need to keep working in order to release the head, because the tension is normal at this moment.” He added.

About the exit of Valverde and the entry of Borges, the Dutchman commented, “Surely Valverde was fine. It was a pity to lose him for an injury. Borges was the chosen one because he has match fitness and trained well. It’s his position and there’s nothing in particular in this decision.”

He was trying to explain that Deportivo had problems with the rival, but at the same time he emphasized that the rival didn’t create the opportunities, “Depor have suffered, surely, the game of Betis, just as any other team in la liga. Now, one thing is to suffer the game of a rival and another to suffer the opportunities. We didn’t suffer too many opportunities and it’s an important factor. In the second half we switched Adrián to the left and Bakkali to the right, this trying to help the side defenders. I believe that even Barcelona suffered the game of Betis. The team tried during the final twenty minutes, also Betis lowered the pace as they have players for the counterattack.”

Finally, Seedorf insisted that a change was witnessed and he also accepted that the fans have the right to feel frustrated, “I know there’s rage. But we must look that, after one week, there are things that were done correctly. We had many chances to score and need to continue game after game. The rage from the public is normal, the fans were there since the last moment and I heard them cheering up the team. The reaction is justified and the player know that they should accept the criticism, but they won’t stop working so the public can see different results.”

Juanfran was also saying that a change was noticed, “There’s nothing more than to stand up, it has been a complicate season and we need to move forward. The team had a different attitude, we always were in the game. Betis is a good team and didn’t create too much, and they found the goal in a rebound. We need to keep working and keep believing.”

“We were coming from a 5-0 against a team that neither is in a good moment. We ha clear chances and, if we would have claimed the lead, it wouldn’t have been strange. It wasn’t like that and later they scored in their best chance. We are three points away and fifteen games are left. Everything can change with a victory.” The right-back added.

Adrián was saying that Deportivo were unlucky, “We played against a good rival, a team that likes to have the ball and that forces you to run after them. Thy barely created danger, and we had more opportunities, and we lost but it could have been different. We lacked fortune as we met the post twice, Andone crossed too much a shot and we lacked to complete more shots on target. We had more occasions than them and they scored in a fortunate player. We were unlucky. We must continue working.”

The striker also understands the whistles from the fans, “The fans want to see the team winning, we need to do it and must move forward. They had the ball and made us run after them. We must continue working and improving, we only spent one week with Clarence and need to improve things. We need to bring joys. We need to continue.”

Eneko Bóveda talked after Tuesday’s training and he was trying to be optimistic, “Right now everything is dark, but I’m convinced that the situation can be turned around and we have enough opportunities. We know this situation cannot be reverted from one day to the other, you do it with daily work.”

At Real Betis, Quique Setién admitted that they were playing with the anxiety of Deportivo, “We knew the time was running out and that it was in our favour for the anxiety of Deportivo, it doesn’t allow you to play with the ease that you need in a different situation and the plan worked for us. Truly a couple of corners at the beginning could have hammered us, but we guessed right first.” 




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