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17 Feb 2018
Depor’s coach targets the unity as the main way to win the game and believes that describing the game as a final will only increase the pressure over the players. Alaves’ coach is expecting for a hard battle.

Clarence Seedorf addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He insisted that unity is needed in order to put Depor in a better position. He also explained the status of Sidnei and Muntari. The following is a summary of the things he said.

21 players picked for the game: “It’s only three more players. At this moment the important thing is to be together.”

Is Albentosa fine after walking away in the last training?  “Albentosa made the full training, but he didn’t’ need to stay on the pitch for the rest.”

Alavés: “It’s an organized team and they know what they want, and we also need to know what we want.”

What Depor need to improve: “The team was organized against Betis for ninety minutes, it’ something for our pride and that’s the first step, now we need to approach more to the rival’s area, that’s the base and it will grow. We need to get loose, to release the head a little more, but I know it’s complicated. We are convinced this is the right way. I believe we made a nice game, now we need to improve the details.”

State of mind of the players: “We are optimistic, because the team has reacted after losing at home, it isn’t easy. After the last game there was no sadness, but rage for not getting the points, because the perception is that we need a good game.”

Changes at the lineup? “Sometimes I make changes until the day before the game, but I don’t like to make a lot of changes. It will be done when it’s necessary, but I don’t think that’s something that will help the group in order to find its better form.”

Muntari, “He is following a plan. We must have calm. We know who Muntairi is. We don’t have a precise date to make a decision on him.”

Sidnei: “He needs one more week training at the top.  He returned to soon from his last injury, he is a player that suffered too many injuries and I want to see him returning and staying until the end of the year, so we are making a plan so he can have more volume on the legs before returning into the pitch.”

Is the game a final? “For me this game isn’t a final, it won’t decide the success in the year. Only three points, and we are thinking like that. Nothing more, nothing less. Talking of a final will only increase the pressure, it’s worthless.”

Expectations for the game: “We need to fight. It will be a battle on the pitch, we need to be together. That has been the attitude of Alavés recently.”

Unity: “We train in order to win the points, always. Tomorrow it’s the same. Now you need to be competitive in order to win, you need to attack and defend together. Inside the pitch we need to be warriors and be united.”

Too many fouls against Betis? “I don’t think the aggressiveness was fine, in England these fouls are not even whistled. We need this intensity, because Alavés have it. The game against Betis was the best in terms of intensity. We made more meters running and now what we need is to improve in a tactical sense.”

Abelardo Fernández talked to reporters on Friday’s noon. He didn’t hesitate in saying that the game is a final and predicted a tough game taking in mind the situation of the rival. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Importance of the game: “It’s important, but only one more step. Since my arrival all of them are finals, and tomorrow we have one more. Fifteen games are left and all of them are finals. Tomorrow we face a direct rival and the points are more important, but it’s one more step.”

Situation at the standings: “We remain in a difficult situation, I said it since my arrival: the situation is not complicated, but it’s tough. A lot remains and a couple of negative results will put you back into a complicate situation. We must continue.  We weren’t expecting to make 19 of 30 points, and surely the pace won’t continue like this. Surely we will have ups and downs.”

Big chance to caress the salvation: “The chance for the salvation is increased if we win against Depor, but three teams go down. You will add 28 points, which is 3 points less than the goal, but this game is difficult. If we play for something, let’s think what their case is. Surely they will come motivated. The new coach has changed things and surely it is a final.”

Deportivo: “They changed the style of playing and also changed the players at the starting eleven, so things have changed. I believe they played more offensively, with Bakkali, Lucas, Andone and Adrián, and the other day they played with two offensive pivotes like Krohn-Dehli and Valverde, now Valverde cannot play and let’s see what lineup they put in. The point is that they have bet in an attacking game and to have the ball possession.”

Expectations for the game: “I believe it will be a very difficult game. I believe they have a very important game and we must make the same assumption. Our situation has changed for good, but tomorrow we have the chance to put more distance with a direct rival.”



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