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19 Feb 2018
The players are running out of arguments to explain the terrible season in liga, while the coach wants to keep optimistic saying that Depor only need a little more in order to achieve positive results.

Clarence Seedorf was trying to be optimistic, he admitted the decrease of intensity from the first half to the second part, but he also said that Depor only need to improve a little to get positive results, “There’s no explanation for the decrease of intensity. It’s a fair observation. It’s the point that this team needs to work and we will work on it. Because, as you said, the first half was very promising. This leaves us with the hope that this can change. A little is needed, that little is the detail that’s the difference between a positive and a negative result.”

“I believe that, in the second half, we left too many space to Alavés in order to make their game, they didn’t create too many chances, but have control of the game, and you cannot afford that. There’s a lot of quality in the league and you have to keep the same intensity since minute one until the end. We lacked this within the first twenty minutes of the second part and it was enough for them to score a goal.”  He ended.

The Dutchman believes that Depor are having a mental problem to reverse the current situation, “I am not justifying this lack of intensity, for saying it one way, but there have been many months trying to leave this situation, so it’s normal to react late after a hit like their goal. But we neither allowed Alavés to have arrivals.”

He continued insisting that the path to follow is what was saw in the first half, “A first half like this brings hope, the hope that we have to improve some aspects. Working as in the first half we will work fine in order to change these aspects. We will continue working and with seriousness.”

Finally, Seedorf answered a reported about the lack of goal since his arrival despite his offensive lineups, “We don’t score goals, but I’m convinced that the important thing is to create opportunities. We have done it within the last two games. We know football, sometimes you don’t score goals, and then the streaks arrive when you score. You need to work hard in order to have luck and we will look for that.”

The captains talked after the game. The first of them was Pedro Mosquera, he was commenting the game, “The first half was really equal, but in the second they entered better and, when we tried to react, we were unable to do it. Alavés defend pretty well and they gave a step forward in the second half.”

The Galician midfielder also understands the frustration of the fans, “We had the hope to pick up the three points before a direct rival, but it wasn’t possible. We are in a difficult situation. For us it was vital and it escaped from us due to details. Truly a lot of games are remaining, but vital points are flying away.”

Adrian López, who wore the armband for the second time, also talked to the media. He was frustrated with the outcome, “We are screwed once again. They blocked the passing lanes and we didn’t create danger to tie the game. We didn’t find the spaces in the second half. They read our plans and counteracted. Maybe we need another plan when things don’t work out.”

At Alavés, coach Abelardo Fernández was proud of his team, “I’m proud for the commitment that the players have with me and with the club. The club has surpassed the expectations. This has been a step forward, but it isn’t done yet.”



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