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12 Jan 2007
Adri??n L??pez 'Piscu' has lived the dream of his life in Mallorca.. He is the first Fabril's player that has debuted in an official game during the present season. The central defender played for just 12 minutes, but he is satisfied with it. Now, the young defender knows that it will be difficult to repeat his participation in the first squad, but he is hopeful that soon, a new chance could arrive for him.

Q: I guess that's an honour the fact of being the first.
A: Not for being the first one, but for the simple fact of making my debut with the first squad.

Q: Every fan at the Ono Stadi should be surprised with the change: Adri??n L??pez in, Adri??n L??pez out.
A: Yes, it seemed like the commentator was confused.

Q: Did you think that you could be making your debut on the present season?
A: No, it didn't pass through my mind. I played some friendlies and I was part of some training sessions, but to be playing with the fist squad, was something that I never thought.

Q: Especially since you were playing in Juveniles last season.
A. Yes, I was only thinking of being promoted to Fabril.

Q: Don't you think that all of this is something that's happening too fast?
A: In the world of football, you can pass from Tercera to Primera in just one year, but it can also happen in the opposite direction, you can go down as fast as you reach the top.

Q: The difficult part is to maintain the spot.
A: Yes, that's the complicated part.

Q: Your debut is more important if we realise that lately, Caparr??s hasn't been trusting in the youngsters. Don't you think?
A: This year, he has a bigger group, and our options to join the first squad aren't so much bigger than the ones seen during the past season.

Q:  I guess that your debut will give hope to the rest of the players in Fabril.
A: Yes, it's important to see a team mate making a debut with the first squad, it makes you think that you could also have the chance, it motivates you.

Q: The competence in the centre of the defence is huge. Do you see yourself with more chances of being called again?
A: It's the same competence that we have in Fabril, we also have good central defenders, but I work everyday with the hope of being called to the first squad, and I will still do it.

Q: Who is your idol as central defender?
A: Andrade and Lopo, two great players and I am learning a lot from them, but looking back, I also liked Naybet and Djukic. I still remember them.

Q. And what about that famous penalty (the one of Djukic)?
A: That image is in everybody's mind, I also remember it (he was a 7-year-old boy at that time).

Q: And now it's time to go back to Fabril, isn't it?
A: Sure. I am a Fabril's player, I see it very clearly. What I have to do is to keep on working and if a new opportunity arrives, I will take it.

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