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28 Feb 2018
Depor’s coach is convinced that the victories will arrive as the team is improving. Getafe’s coach labeled the game as the most difficult one on this season.

Clarence Seedorf addressed the media on Tuesday’s afternoon. He confirmed that Rubén Martínez will be a starter. He also emphasized that the team is improving and targets the first victory with him on board. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Carles Gil & Gerard are out: “There’s isn’t any specific explanation. Only eighteen enter the final list, and we have everybody fine, so I opted to leave them here in order to be training. The ones that I consider will help us are the ones travelling.”

Important week? “Every week is important. We travel to Madrid with a different conscious state.”

Getafe: “They are ordered and know how to play. They are a difficult team and have made good games against the big ones.”

Muntari: “He could be a starter, last week it was a thing that we thought. It could happen now, but I haven’t decided.”

Three keepers on the roster: “I don’t usually travel with three keepers, but this time I think it was fair to reward Max [Kóval], he has had a positive attitude since he broke his finger.”

Is Kóval ready to play? “Rubén is going to play. We are content for how he is covering the goal. Zero goals in the last game, and recently we saw a good Rubén. He needs confidence and the whole defence must continue in the same path.”

Mosquera as a playmaker? “Who said he will play as a playmaker? Anyone can play there [he laughed]. We have two possibilities and he will start.”

How to break Getafe’s defence? “I respect Getafe, because it’s a team that knows its limits, and when you have limits you show other weapons. We, with organization and intensity, can put pressure over the rival and we can also make a good job. “

Fight for the salvation: “We see things with optimism, our head is only in Getafe. Everybody is dropping points and we must continue thinking of our games. A lot of games are remaining and right now the only concern is Getafe. All the teams won’t win all the games, but it’s useless if we don’t win.”

Scoring goals: “The confirmation of the work done by the team has come with the improvement in each game, and one of the things we saw is that we created goal opportunities. So, the worry is not there for me, it’s only a matter of time.  The important thing is to stay alive in the match and we showed this in recent games. We must search for the victory, with strength, and that strength comes after making good games.”

Balance of hi stage at Depor: “Against Espanyol we deserved to win against Betis we deserved the draw and we deserved more against Alavés. In football you don’t always get the result that you want. But for me it’s very important how you reach the results, sometimes the results fail, but you leave positive sensations, now we are playing to win.”

Lucas: “He scored five great goals in the training [he laughed]. He was sad for wasting the penalty, but we didn’t win because he failed, we had clear chances and didn’t win. He threw a good penalty. If Lucas follows this path he will find the goal again.”

Three games in the week: “I believe there’s some exhaustion and we must be careful, we will surely administrate the effort done in so little time. We have pending thoughts for this and the next game.”

José Bordalás addressed the media on Tuesday’s noon. He was describing the game against Depor as the most difficult one on the season, and also warned that the salvation isn’t done yet. The following is the summary of the thing he said.

State of the team: “The team is fine, we have the casualty of Fajr as you know. The rest is fine.”

Deportivo: “We are before the most complicate game on the season. We are facing a team with a big need; they have improved a lot with the arrival of the new coach. They made a great game the last time though they didn’t conquer the victory and it’s a team playing for its life. Therefore, if we don’t match our best level, then logically the rival can surprise us.  I told the team that we need the best from ourselves if we want to win this game.”

The team lost again on the road:  “Yes, the numbers are there, but it’s also true that maybe we deserved to win in some away games, but we missed two penalties in the last exit and it’s difficult to win if you miss two penalties. It’s clear and it isn’t an excuse.“

Bad away record, good home performance:  “The fact of having good numbers at home doesn’t guarantee us anything. We don’t have guarantees. Every game is different and the stats can be broken. We want to break the away stats and keep the ones at home, but we are aware that, if we don’t match our best level, then it will be really hard to defeat Deportivo La Coruńa.”

Is the team already saved?  ”No, a lot is remaining and we still haven’t done anything. I have spent weeks saying it: a lot of points remain and we must move with the same pace. We cannot believe in anything, because last week they were talking of Europe and I already have clear what the goal is. Until we don’t achieve the goal we cannot talk of bigger goals, because we haven’t conquered anything.”



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