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02 Mar 2018
Same speech by Depor’s coach, while the players keep dreaming of winning a game. The coach of Getafe says that his team is not saved yet.

Clarence Seedorf was trying to remain positive after a new defeat. He was asked if he seems himself strong enough to change the current path, “Nothing has changed from yesterday to today, we will keep working. Luckily we have a game in three days; we need to forget this one. We are working and trusting that we are going to move forward. “

“This defeat was as it was, committing errors and risking too little, but you know it’s going to happen playing against a team like Getafe, a team that at home has spent a lot without losing. Surely it’s hard for the lads, but I am here to encourage them, because in three days we have the chance to turn the page. ” He added.

Then the Dutchman was asked about what Depor need in order to score goals, “We need to score a goal. We need to score a goal. How many chances did we see in the last game? In the last three games we had a lot of chances, now a lot less, only in the first half. We are missing spark within the last fifteen meters, and we need to continue looking for it, because it will arrive.”

A journalist asked if he was regretting for making too many changes at the lineup, “No, the one of Guilherme was forced, because he felt some muscle issues after the last game. We need to use Sulley [Muntari], so he can be in his best shape. He made a good game and was the main change. Andone also had a muscle issue, we know how he plays and I believe that, with so many games in a row, I believe we had the chance to rest him, at least for the first half, so we can keep him for the rest of the tournament. For me Andone is a fundamental player.”

But the coach accepted that Krohn-Dehli had a bad game, “I believe that Krohn-Dehli didn’t have a good performance, in the first half, and that’s why I replaced him. I didn’t want to touch the team, but we had trained with Borges there and Pedro [Mosquera] in that position, so we can have a numeric advantage at midfield, it worked at times.”

Finally, Seedorf was saying that he is more worried for the errors in defence than the lack of goal, “In the first three games since my arrival I think the team demonstrated a strong performance in all the phases, and in this one we allowed goals for a lack of attention. For me these are gifts. You cannot give to Getafe chances like that. They know how to seize the errors; sometimes these errors are forced by the rival, but today I believe we lacked attention.”

Celso Borges was one of the players that came out to face the media, “We must continue fighting, I know these are difficult times and we cannot give up. No matter the things are adverse, we must continue fighting. I will love to be here to talk of a good result, but this is so fast that we have a new game on Saturday.” He said.

“We cannot give up, no matter the situation looks like we are dead, but we will continue fighting. Now we face Eibar, it’s going to be intense and I hope that we can finally win.” The midfielder finalized.

Pedro Mosquera was the other player that talked to reporters, “Surely it’s a hard result, after the feelings left in the previous game, but we lost the game in two plays and later, against a rival like this one, it’s a team well-armed and it’s difficult.”

The Galician also admitted that Depor are too soft in defence, “It’s clear that we allow goals very easily, in the last games it seemed that the bleeding was cut, but the result is hard. We were receiving the ball and looked for Lucas, but after those two goals the game was uphill. But football changes a lot, we had good feelings and now it’s different, but it can change again and we will continue working. We will add the points this weekend.”

Also, a journalist reported that, when the team approached the fans at the end of the game, Rubén Martínez told them that, “Maybe I am bad, but you cannot complain that I don’t give my best.” This after been protested by the fans during the whole game.

At Getafe CF, José Bordalás was still saying that his team hasn’t secured the permanence, “We are happy for the victory. It might look that it was an easy game, but they were plugged at the start and the goals brought confidence. Yes, the win brings some calm in order to keep working with humility, but we haven’t achieved anything and I won’t change the speech now. The valorizations must be made at the end.” 




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