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03 Mar 2018
Depor’s coach wants to keep the optimistic view despite the current negative streak, while Eibar’s manager says that his team is already saved.

Clarence Seedorf addressed the media on Friday’s night. He was really positive about the current state of the team, he even suggested that the journalists are the ones suggesting that the fans are pessimistic after the poor results. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Changes at the lineup? “Nothing particular, before the game against Getafe I had a program. This team clearly is not ready to play so many games in a row, at least not all the players, so there will be changes. They trained well within the last week, tomorrow we will put the players that I think will lead us to victory.”

Muscle problems in several men: “Well, things are like this. When you have a year with so many problems it trends to happen. The team is playing with a different intensity. The efforts are doubled, mentally and physically.”

Mental state of the squad: “[Without allowing the reporter to end the question] We are like the bulls! We are ready to eat the grass tomorrow and it will be like this every week. Don’t expect anything else because I am not expecting anything different.”

Eleven games without winning: “Since my arrival we had three losses and one draw, and we deserved more points of what we got. The last game with Getafe we committed many big and unnecessary errors, for that reason I think we can start from where we left the game with Espanyol. The game with Getafe is something to forget due to the errors that allowed the goal, but we are focused in getting the three points.”

Worried for missing the victory? “In life you need luck. I believe we deserved at least a point before Betis and the victory against Espanyol. It’s life and what we won’t stop doing is to search for the victory, and tomorrow is the first opportunity. I am convinced that the team has reacted.”

Lack of goal: “We have phases in which we lacked goal, but I am not worried. Not only the shots on target count as scoring opportunities. I am still saying that in the previous three games we created many chances to score. I will be worried if we don’t create chances, but football is a matter of streaks, but the moment has arrived and we have people that can score goals.”

Eibar: “It’s not an accident to have them up there. They have earned confidence and added important points in key moments. They have a prepared coach and respect them as they have quality in attack and also at the back.”

Depor as a group: "I said before that Getafe is a group, and it was like that in the last game. And we are improving in that regard, we are trying to be a strong group and it’s growing."

Defeat at Getafe: "We started well against Getafe and nothing happened until minute 38, and in 5 minutes the game was gone. Now we need the energy at home in order to search for the victory."

No reaction after his arrival: “I don’t talk of the past, we are focused in the next game. The team is fine and willful. I am convinced that it can move forward and this is the right way.”

Kóval: “There are no doubts with him. He trained well on this week. Clearly the finger isn’t fine, but he seems to be The Hulk [He laughed].”

Pessimism among the fans: “I think it’s a thing that you are trying to create, because when I walk on the street, I can see hope. Last week we saw the stadium and I hope for the same environment. The fans of Depor are the owners of the stadium and will never allow the team not feeling like at home. “

Çolak: “He is a player that counts for me, I have no problems with him.”

Carles Gil:”Nothing happens. What happens is that I need a balanced bench, Borja Valle was off in three opportunities and no one asks me about him. He and Gerard are the players that normally stay out. I need a balance on the bench knowing who is on the field.”

Worried with the defence? “No, the goals against Getafe were gifts and we never saw the team suffering in a defensive sense. I believe we must look the first three games and later analyze Getafe’s game. I think the team hasn’t lost the balance in defence and tomorrow we have to confirm it.”

Sidnei: “We are trying to prepare him better. He has been training for two weeks and for me he is very important, and for been so important we cannot risk too much with him. I count will all the players.”

José Luis Mendilibar addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He seems confident about the permanence, but doesn’t want to target the European spots and neither wants relaxation inside the squad. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Is the team saved? “The main goal has been achieved. I believe that the bottom clubs won’t reach the 38 points, and for now the only thing we can do is to think of the game against Deportivo, later Madrid. In the end, you start a season hoping to be saved two matchdays before the end and then enjoy those games. The season has been beyond good. We started badly, but turned things around. We must keep this dynamic.”

Avoiding overconfidence: “The main goal is achieved, but we cannot travel anywhere and just think we will walk away. We must try to enjoy, yes, but running, suffering and winning. We gave a free Sunday and Monday to the players, but thinking they will make a good game, if not, then they know that on Sunday they will train again.”

Should the team be now focused in Europe? “We cannot lose ourselves thinking of the end of the season. That must be our mentality, we neither can be conformist. We must go game by game.”

Deportivo: “Truly Deportivo didn’t get anything positive from the last results, but it’s also true that, in the last home game against Espanyol,  they drew and deserved to win. They aren’t fine as a team, but have really good players. They aren’t scoring goals, but a game will come in which they will explode. We hope it won’t be tomorrow.”

Seedorf: “He has trained very little, so I cannot tell you much about him as a coach.”

Rotations: “I believe that, when you make changes, you aren’t thinking that the game is going to be worse. They are training at the top and no matter who plays they will make a good job. Tomorrow we have a new game and there will be more changes. Ramis is staying on here. Neither Capa is traveling and the same with Vuka [Vukanovic]”



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