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05 Mar 2018
Seedorfís plans during the game worked, though the point isnít enough for Depor. The terrible performance of the goalkeepers continued as Kůval is the third Deportivoís player sent off during his debut.

The seven notes from the game Vs. SD Eibar

1- The bad luck continues: The reader can blame the board of directors, the players and the coaches for the current poor season of Deportivo, but must also admit that the team has missed some good luck recently. Just in this game Depor had two clear chances within the first six minutes, but Andone and Lucas failed, and then allowed a goal in the first error committed. So, the game passed from a hypothetical 2-0 situation to a 0-1 score. Truly the team spent a lot of time without scoring, but with Seedorf the team met the woodwork six times in five games, plus missing a penalty.

Another way to see the lack of luck is what happened with the keepers, Kůval paid a high price in two distractions, it cost a goal and a red card, while Eibarís Dimitrovic was lucky enough to not suffer a punishment in the way of a goal in a similar play to Kůvalís expulsion. At least fate had some mercy with Depor in the play of the own goal by SD Eibar.

2- A plan that workedÖ Thereís a sense of disappointment with Seedorf after five games, mainly with the players that he is sending to the field, but in this game it can be side that his two plans worked. He initially planned a diamond figure at midfield in order to improve the inside game and it worked instantly as Depor should have scored twice within the first six minutes.

The game changed with the expulsion of Kůval and the plan changed too, with so many time left the coach told his players that at least they should go out of the meeting with a point, and thatís why he planned a defensive approach in the second half. Many journalists didnít like to see «olak going out, but it was the needed move in this defensive scheme of two lines with four defenders. It worked as SD Eibar barely had chances in the second half despite having one more man and the ball possession. Seedorf tried to win the game with two offensive changes at the end, but the team missed some good luck in the long throw that was close to end in an error of Dimitrovic (88í).

3- Ö But it isnít enough: The other side of the coin: the plan worked and Depor rescued a point, but in the current situation it tastes like nothing. It explains why the public were so angry after the final whistle.  Depor need victories in order to leave the bottom places.

4- Dancing with danger: The diamond figure planned for the game had a weak point, because it means to leave a lot of spaces on the sides and thatís precisely one of the virtues of this SD Eibar, a team known for his continuous attempts to release crosses. In this game they attempted 49 crosses. Luckily for Depor the major part of them were repealed or missed the target, though the visiting goal came in a low cross from Orellana.

5- The incredible season of the goalkeepers: The issue of the goalkeepers deserves a special analysis in this disastrous season. For the second time at Primera, Depor have played with five different goalkeepers (it also happened in the campaign 195/56), and all of them have failed with the exception of Fabrilís Francis.

It will be difficult to match the misfortunes and the horror lived by Kůval in his debut, with two actions that cost a goal and a red card. But in his defence the goal was also the responsibility of the defence allowing that counterattack, while big part of the error in the expulsion was for Albentosa, unable to clear or pass the ball to the keeper.

6- The expulsion of Kůval:This is the second red card saw by Deportivo on this season (Borges was the other one) and is also the third Deporís player thatís sent off in his official debut with the Blanquiazul shirt. It happened before to defenders Mariano Hoyas (1991, opening matchday in liga against Valencia) and to Chapi (2007, matchday 16 against Zaragoza).

7- Record of minutes without scoring a goal: Deportivo finally scored a goal, but before it established a new mark of minutes without netting a goal in liga: 528. The previous goal of Deportivo was the 2-0 against Levante UD at the edge of half-time (January 27).



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