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05 Mar 2018
Seedorf and the players were pleased with how the team reacted to the adversities throughout the game, but also understand the public’s frustrations. Eibar’s coach was unhappy with his team.

Clarence Seedorf was commenting the game, “I believe we had a great start to the game, for 30 minutes we dominated, arrived and created goal opportunities. And once again we didn’t seize them. The 1-0, the 2-0, but finally the goal that we allowed came after collective errors, and we reacted. Unluckily we ended with ten men and the team reacted well in the second half, with sacrifice, intelligence in defence and knowing that we could make counterattacks. We said that at least we would add a point and it was like that. “

Asked about the expulsion of Kóval, he said that, “I believe it happened too against Getafe, in the third goal, it had to do with the momentum. It happened. You always make mistakes; the only thing is that we pay a high price for everything. But the team woke up in the second half, Lucas and Andone made a big sacrifice. I am proud of what they did. They demonstrated to be a group and I remain optimistic. He [Kóval] must be stronger than the adversities and the referee’s decisions.”

About the big problems had with the goalkeepers on this season, the comment was, “I rely in my goalkeepers. Rubén has played four games. I opted today in a change, more a matter of character than tactical. I called him [Kóval] Hulk, because he has character and transmits a powerful energy. Today he was unfortunate, but the team is moving forward and I have confidence in Rubén, also in Tytoń. I have 100% confidence in them.”

The Dutchman also explained why Çolak was replaced, “It was something that we wanted. He is very offensive, but we needed a midfielder, Borges, acting as a pivote in front of the defenders and opening the wings for Lucas and Adrián. It was the logic with the change.”

About the whistles from the public at the end of the match, Seedorf commented that, “People have emotions too, but I believe not everybody was like that, others applauded. They expect for more. People feel excitement and each day the goal seems far, but the true is that it’s close as for the team is playing.”

He rested importance to the complaints of Andone after the striker was replaced, “I was also a player. He would also be unhappy if he leaves after scoring three goals. He always gives his best and thinks he can continue, but me and my assistants saw that he lowered his performance. A fresh player could be the difference. I will never see as a problem if a player complains after been replaced, Andone is a very important player for the team, and the fact that he wanted to remain on the field shows his commitment. I wanted to change Adrián, but later they told me that Andone was looking more tired.”

Finally, Seedorf was asked if the draw is positive for adding something, or negative for missing the victory, and he said that, “There is more faith. There is more confidence and strength, because Eibar is an important team. Each game they made 15 crosses and arrive with speed, and today it wasn’t the case. The lads are clearly content. Everybody wanted to win, but later the game turned as it was, and we got something positive.”

Adrián López was content with the result, “It isn’t enough to leave that position at the standings, but in the end, as the game was, I believe it’s a positive point. It was complicate to end with one less player. In the second half we were solid in defence, we didn’t allow opportunities and it was evident the offensive issue was going to be more difficult. “

The Asturian striker was also feeling disappointed for not seizing the first opportunities in the game, “Once again it happens to us. We made the merits to score once or twice, but sometimes the ball doesn’t want to enter. We had clear chances, we hit the post and later the game changed. We managed to equalize, but that play changed the game. In the end the point is positive. A point in this situation might me very important.”

Eneko Bóveda was also having a positive impression from the game, “In my opinion the 90% or 95% of the things that happened today are positive. As for the impression left by the team, almost all the analysis must be positive. In one hand, when we were eleven against eleven, I believe the planned strategy almost worked. It’s weird to end before the keeper four times and not scoring. And that by minute 20, later they scored a goal in their first chance. Later we have an accident with the expulsion. Later the second half was very good, in the sense that this team has been criticized for its lack of aids, and today it was important exercise to demonstrate that we have that.”

The right-back was saying that he doesn’t repent for signing in the winter market, “I am very content for making this decision. I feel supported from people and logically these last two nights were complicate for me. I made a bad game at Getafe, penalizing in terms of goals allowed, but thankfully I have people supporting me, especially inside the squad. I do my best so we all can believe that we aren’t dead. The current situation is like this. We won’t end tenth or eleventh, we will be in the pit until the end. We could end saved or not, but the important thing is to not die soon.”

At SD Eibar, José Luis Mendilibar wasn’t’ content with the performance of his team, “The second half looked like a handball match, they were locked at the back and we were moving the ball from one side to the other, but we didn’t drill any pass in the middle. In the end you end like a fool knowing that, within the first half an hour, we could have lost the game, but with the 1-1 we aren’t a team that can open the can. “

“It was a weird game. From the start they had clear chances, and they didn’t succeed or instead our goalkeeper was fine, later we guessed right in a counterattack and later we allowed the draw, the expulsion arrived and we didn’t create in the second half. The team didn’t do enough to win the game and the point is okay.” He added.



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