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11 Mar 2018
A winless coach that each day opens more doubts about his tactics. Depor lost again, this time in two set-pieces, but as always by details after the rival didnít need to do too much.

The six notes from the game at Girona FC:

1- Another ďlessonĒ by Seedorf: Clarence Seedorf continues to defend the idea that his Deportivo is improving, but the reality is that in his six games on board Depor have only scored once and continues to concede goals before rivals that donít need to do too much.

The worst part is that the offense is giving signs of been wiped out, again the coach presented a diamond figure at midfield and again the team barely created danger as it preferred to play using the long throws. Seedorf was asked about the reason why the team was searching for long passes and he said that it was a resource as they saw a lot of space at the backline of Girona FC.

2- Players out of position: Seedorf continues to use players out of their natural positions. Both AdriŠn and Lucas continued to perform attached to the wings, while in this game the radical example was Pedro Mosquera. The midfielder started acting as a playmaker, his position was delayed early in the second half and ended the meeting as a centre-back after Albentosa was replaced by Borja Valle. Thus, he was the Deporís player with more touches (82).

3- The details: Deportivo donít present the same lagoons of the past in defensive tasks, but the rivals still donít need too much to score goals, because thereís always a detail helping them, if in past games it was the individual errors, now it was the poor defending in set-pieces. SD Eibar only completed six shots on target, but it was enough to secure a two-goal difference.

4- Defending the set-pieces: Both goals came defending lateral free-kicks, Seedorf said that both were great goals and that Girona FC deserve the credit, but the fact is that Depor is now the worst team defending set-pieces. The Galicians have now allowed 11 goals in these kind of plays, something that isnít surprising taking in mind that itís the team that concedes more goals in general.

5- Winless Seedorf: Clarence Seedorf extended his winless Primera career at Depor to six games without wins. Only two men have chained a debut at the elite coaching Depor with the same or even worse numbers: Enrique Orizaola (8, 1966-67) and VŪctor SŠnchez del Amo (6, 2014-15)

6- 100 games for Borges: This was the Primera game number 100 for Celso Borges, all of them wearing the shirt of Deportivo (only 18 wins). The midfielder is the 110th player with 100 or more liga games playing for the Galicians. He is also the second player from Costa Rica that reaches this number after Keylor Navas.



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