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11 Mar 2018
Surrealistic press conference by Depor’s coach, he was saying that the team is still improving despite chained six games without winning with him on board. The players tried to be more realistic, while Girona’s coach was talking of science fiction.

As always, Clarence Seedorf was keeping the same speech regarding his team, because he wanted to be positive. He was questioned about the poor defence in the game, and he refused the idea, “I haven’t seen any fragility. I have seen a team that didn’t allow Getafe to release crosses and neither to complete shots on target. What happened was two set-pieces, and we should have done better over there. A foul and 2-0 and it cut your legs. The game was like that and Depor was always in the game.”

The Dutchman even assured that Deportivo is earning an identity, “We have created an identity. I believe the team suffers less the game of the rival. The rivals cannot create chances at ease. There ae many positive things, today less as we were expecting for more. It was a closed game. I believe we have contained the strength of Girona, another thing is the set-pieces and we conceded twice.”

Questioned about the fact that both goals came in set-pieces, Seedorf was saying that both goals were great, “We never know how they are going to put the ball into the area. The first goal was just impressive. It was perfect due to the strength of the cross. The second goal was also a great goal, a tall guy in front of our defender, what else do they want? We also need to improve our game in set-pieces, but you cannot work more than 24 hours.”

He denied that Depor only played using long throws, “I also saw combinative game. If they leave open space at the back and on the sides, then we need to seize it.  We fixed some things in the second part, and I also saw several combinations. I saw a balanced game that was decided in set-pieces.”

Seedorf also admitted the great year lived by Girona, “Girona is living an especial year, and when you have a special year you have automatisms and a good intensity, then you can compete and right now things come at ease, and you need to seize it. Last year it was seen too with Atalanta and you need to take advantage of it.”

Depor’s winless coach started to be questioned again, and he said that “Football isn’t numbers, football is also field. If everyone would be like you [talking to a journalist from Radio Galega], then we would be dead, that’s for sure. We are positive and believe in our goal. The fans need to believe in the goal too, because last year the situation was worse.  I want to be realistic. I don’t see a dead team, I see a team that’s alive. To wait right now, with everything going on, and see Depor getting a higher yield is not right, it can happen next year with the same group, and right now we need to be united and be far from negativism [he laughed]”

Finally, Seedorf wanted to send the message that’s necessary to keep believing, “The situation might change from one moment to the other, and in that moment everybody will be believing, and it’s easy to do it when things have changed, but you need to believe now, because the lads work hard every day and have morale, clearly it isn’t high, but it’s at 60% or 70%, and things can changed with a victory.”

Fernando Navarro was one of the players that faced the media, he was realistic as he admitted that Depor are now depending of others, “The team is unable to get the three points that will give us the guide to remain there, but let’s see how the matchday ends.  Now to think of the game with Las Palmas and to keep in the same lane, because we haven’t made a good season and it’s more complicated with each game that passes. We have spent a lot of time without winning and one more day let’s see if the other results keep us alive. When you don’t do the homework, you end pending of others, and let’s see if la liga gives us another change.” 

The left-back didn’t want to send any message to the fans, “I cannot say anything else, everything was said before. It would be to add things and we can only put the five senses on. We also suffer as this is our profession. As long as there are points we will give everything. In this game I didn’t see any big difference in the game, but when you are at the bottom you end having of everything. To see ourselves in this situation isn’t an accident, there are a lot of things, and we need to look forward trying to be optimistic and trying to face the game with Las Palmas in the best possible way.”

Pedro Mosquera was commenting the game and said that the set-pieces were the only difference between both teams, “In the end the game escaped in two set-pieces, the game was equal with Andone having a change in both halves, and the game escaped from us in two set-pieces. “

“At Primera División the details can make the difference, and in this one it was the set-pieces. We deserved to win before Espanyol and we can only continue working.  A lot of things happen when you are in this situation and you can only work in order to revert the situation.”” The midfielder added.

Adrián López was saying that Depor is suffering a lot at the moment of conceding the goals, “In this dynamic, it seems that the hits are stronger and its harder to move forward. We must be strong. We have improved a lot of things, especially in defence, but need more. We aren’t allowing too many goals, and from there we need to score, to claim the lead in some game and see if we are able to add the three points.”

At Girona FC, Pablo Machín repeated what he said before the game regarding that this is a season of science fiction for them, “The reality of Girona is surpassing the fiction. We need to enjoy it. To be fighting for Europe is something from science fiction.  It seems it was like yesterday when I arrived. After these four years, in a personal sense, the thing that I like the most is to know that I have seized the opportunity offered by this club.”



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