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15 Mar 2018
Depor’s president talked with media for the first time in two months. He is aware of the negativism towards the team, but remains optimistic about the salvation chances.

Tino Fernández and the major of A Coruña, Xulio Ferreiro, visited the first team on Tuesday. The president also talked to the media and gave his view on the current situation at Deportivo. He doesn’t want to talk of the continuity of Seedorf, while he assured that he is eager to continue in case of a new demotion. The following is a summary of the things he said.

The visit of the major: “Xulio, beyond been the major, is Deportivista. I think he is a persona that suffers and feels Depor. We appreciate the gesture, it will help to add.”

The fans are anger: “Saturday is the perfect chance to change things, to start adding the points that we need. Deportivo need to win and need to do it repeatedly. I told the players and coaches that we have time. We cannot assume we are dead, we are in a delicate moment, but we can go out.”

Thoughts on the season: “This hasn’t been a good year. It is the major reflection that I make and everyone agrees on that. Off course I am not content with things, but right now it’s the moment to think that we can move forward. I believe it’s time to be hopeful though it’s difficult. Despite this bad year, we still there. It depends on us.”

Message to the fans: “I believe the Deportivismo need to receive things rather than to give, but we must think that we can move forward. The major part of the fans known this and if we win the game on Saturday, then we must continue.”

Saturday’s game: “We need to win, the issue of been a final or not, we still have more games. I commented this to the players. As long as there are possibilities, we must think that we can do it. Now it’s a direct rival and we need to pass two teams, and this is one of them.”

The issue of the goalkeepers: “If the coach think that Ruben must be the starter, then we must support him. The same goes with Kóval or Tytoń. The valorizations about the composition of the squad will be made at the end of the season.”

Poor numbers of Seedorf: “We are only thinking of Las Palmas, we need to win.”

Will Tino continue in case of relegation? “Sincerely, I haven’t think about it. Right now, the worry is in adding and start winning games. As an institution the efforts are focused in reinforcing the sporting department. I was already at Segunda División. I was there visiting Mirandés and Ponferradina. We aren’t thinking of a relegation, and if the owners of Deportivo think we need a change then it will be made at the right time, and if they think the right call is a renewal then we will do it.”

Sporting director: “We are having interviews with many candidates, some of them are active in clubs. There’s nothing definitive, the deadline is to have it done by the second week of April. It could be sooner or later. We still have to make some interviews.”



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