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24 Mar 2018
Çolak admits that he current situation affects the players and that its unfair for the fans. For the Turkish playmaker the problem is the lack of goal.

Emre Çolak addressed the media on Thursday’s afternoon. He said that the current situation, with a Depor that’s winless in three months and in relegation, is affecting the players, “The fans of Depor live of football and they want to see their team in a good position. This club doesn’t deserve this position, this city doesn’t deserve this position. Normally I like to go out and walk in A Coruña, I like to go out and have a dinner, but in this situation I don’t like to do it, because I don’t want to see their faces, because I know everyone is sad and we are responsible for this situation.”

“We are in poor shape, everyone knows it and we need to do something in order to change it.  We are training in order to change the situation. I hope luck can be with us. We try to do our best on the field, but it isn’t paying off. We know that we all are in bad shape.” He added.

Questioned about the reasons why this situation is happening, the Turkish believes it a matter of lack of goal, “If we could score a goal, everything could be different. We didn’t have the luck to score that goal, and things could be different if we could score. I have spent two years on here and I believe we are missing more luck, everything would be different if we could score a goal. We have tried many tactics, but didn’t get what we wanted.”

He also talked of his scarce participation on the season and his appearance on the left wing against Las Palmas, “I didn’t have too many chances to play, but I feel very good and am ready to play. I always said it: my position is the playmaking function. I feel better as a playmaker.”

Finally, Çolak was asked why all the coaches passing through Depor are having little confidence in him, “I don’t know. Last year I showed what I have. From the outside it seems that I have problem with every coach that arrive to Depor, but I never had a problem with them. Until now I only had the problem of not playing, but last year I showed that I have the qualities to play on this team.”



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