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29 Mar 2018
Argentine Fede Cartabia blames the players for the current situation of Deportivo, and also says that they still have faith in the survival chances in la liga.

Fede Cartabia talked to reporters as he attended to the training camp of Deportivo that Mauro Silva sponsors each year. The Argentine was talking of his physical state before the game against Atlético, “I am eager to play again and help. The injuries haven’t respected me, but hopefully it will change until the end of the season. I am 100% ready, if not I wouldn’t be training, but the coach is the one that decides.”

The ex-Valencia man was saying that no one was expecting for this situation at Depor, “We never thought at the beginning of the season that we would be in this situation, but we got on this by ourselves. There’s more pessimism for the last results, but the numbers still giving options and we must continue.”

About the long list of casualties of Atlético for the game, he commented that, “The casualties can help, but we cannot forget that it’s Atlético. The replacement has the same quality or is even better. We need a perfect game at the Wanda stadium in order to win.”

Asked about the contribution of Seedorf, the playmaker commented that, “He asks us to believe in ourselves and not to look to others. He asks us to be humble. He is adding a lot of things as a coach, both personally and in a football sense. He was a great player and that helps. We don’t miss faith. Since his arrival he is asking to believe in ourselves. I believe we have improved, the results didn’t arrive for the circumstances, but we must move forward.”

 Finally, Cartabia admitted that the players are the main responsible for the current poor season of Deportivo, “The big part of the blame is on the players, because the ones going out to the field are ourselves. This is a matter of streaks and sometimes things don’t work out. We didn’t deserve to lose against Espanyol, Betis, Alavés… and these points condemn you. We must thank the fans of Depor, in Argentina we wouldn’t be able to go out to the street. I wouldn’t like to live this situation in Argentina with the Barras Bravas.”



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