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03 Apr 2018
A serious Depor wasn’t enough to get a positive result, the Galicians are in a downfall and are now establishing new negative records at the club.

The six notes from the visit to Atlético Madrid:

1- The keys for the good game of Depor: Despite the result, this was one of the best away presentations on the season, and that was difficult taking in mind the record of Atlético at the Wanda Metropolitano. And the key for it was the good reading of Seedorf. The Dutchman saw the weak point of Atlético at their right side of the defence with debutant Carlos Isaac constantly missing the mark, and later normal substitute Savic was dragged into the mess.

Thus, it wasn’t an accident that the five best chances came with Depor pushing on its left wing. As example the big opportunity of Lucas at minute 19, Isaac was totally misplaced and Savic poorly cleared the long pass that allowed the Galician attacker to run into the path of Oblak.

The good impression left by Deportivo was completed by a solid defensive work. The Galicians had problems in the output of the ball as soon as Atlético were putting the minimal pressure, but later the coverage by Sidnei and Albentosa was perfect and only a couple of errors by Muntari and Çolak were transformed into scoring opportunities for the locals (they only had 6 in the entire meeting).

2- The modifications by Seedorf: But where Seedorf failed was in the changes, once again the entries didn’t add anything, and in the cases of Andone and Borja Valle they arrived too late. Because Muntari was the worst player at Depor, and Seedorf lasted an hour to take him out of the game, later Andone entered to only play fifteen minutes, and just when Çolak, the best assistant on the pitch, was already off.

3- Depor’s lack of punch: The attention could be focused in the referee, but it’s also true that Depor lost the game for its lack of punch, because the Galicians had enough chances to at least have scored once, but ended scoreless for the seventh opportunity within the last nine games.

4- The referee and the penalty: There was a big debate with the penalty awarded to Atlético. Truly Mosquera was pulling the shirt of Saúl, but the attacker lasted in felling down and many journalists considered that it was a “soft penalty” that normally is only called in favor of big teams. The discussion of the double standard with the referees can be extended to other plays, as example Luisinho was early booked in the game, just a couple of minutes later Correa didn’t receive the same treatment after the same exact foul over Luisinho.

5- New negative record for Deportivo: Depor is now the only team at Primera División without wins in 2018. The Galician side also extended its winless streak to fifteen straight matchdays, which is now the worst streak in the history of the club.

6- Seedorf is the worst debutant at Depor: The bet for Clarence Seedorf can now be considered as a failure. Depor have only added two points in the eight matches with the Dutchman and have only scored twice. It’s the worst record for a debutant at Deportivo’s bench.



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