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03 Apr 2018
Sorrow after the game, not only for the result, but also because Depor played better than in previous visits without getting a reward. Depor’s coach continues to insist that the fans cannot lose the hope.

Clarence Seedorf was satisfied with the performance of his team, “I am proud of how they played today, it was a great game against a great rival. In football you need to score goals in order to win, and I am not talking of strikers.” Then he was asked if he will continue as his winless streak was extended to eight games, “I have no news” was his solo answer.

The Dutchman didn’t want to talk of the penalty, “It changed the game, surely, but I cannot comment on it as I didn’t watch it.”  Then he continued praising his players, “We have time now to recover the team. I repeat that the team played a great game, and playing like this, surely next week we will win. We won’t throw the towel until the math says otherwise. “

“Today we saw a great Depor, facing a great Atlético Madrid. To come here and create so many chances it has a merit.  But the merits are useless as what it counts are the points, and sadly since my arrival the points is what we have missed. We know how this works. There are things that need to be improved, but to be solid against a great team is something that must help. Depor are improving with time, but we are missing the results” He added.

About the lack of attention from the fans as the hope is fading away, he commented that, “I cannot be repeating the same message every week, because I would be tired. Everything I said before is for the fans. I believe that next week, at home, if the fans don’t have the hope to win after what we did today, then I think you need to be self-critic. You need to have the faith that, playing like today, the three points are more than possible on next week.”

He was explaining why Andone wasn’t a starter, “We needed players with more agility, like Adrián and Borja Valle, they made great combinations in the first half with Çolak, and nothing more. Andone is an important player.”

Seedorf concluded sending the same message that the miracle of salvation is still possible, “I still believe, until the math says otherwise I think it’s possible. The work done is demonstrating things, we are missing results, but if the mentality is resumed in: let’s see if we win a game, then I think we wouldn’t have the same feeling. We are seeing the process and need to recover the team in order to not lose morale. Only the math will make us throw the towel.”

Raúl Albentosa was feeling impotent, “We spent two weeks practicing for this game, and in the end in an unfortunate play the game escaped from us. Not only for that play, because we had our options. There’s no way. We had counterattacks and set-pieces, but we are returning empty-handed.”

“This is damaging, and we are living a season that has been a huge damage. We, who are the ones that play, must have a clean head and continue until the end. There’s no other way. We won’t fool anyone, we know it’s difficult, but we cannot stop in order to gain what I think we deserve. I’m strong enough to continue, but these hits keep you sunk for at least a full day.” He added.

Pedro Mosquera was commenting that, “I believe we played really well, we made a great game. We didn’t grant too many occasions, but in the end we lost the game for an inexistent penalty. This, together with the home game with Barcelona, are the most complicated ones that we had, and we did a great game. The team sought for the equalizer until the end. We even had the chance to win.”

The midfielder was also asked about the play of the penalty, and he assured that it wasn’t, “It was a challenge with Saúl, he took my hand and later we grabbed each other. I pulled him, but not enough to cause a penalty. For me it wasn’t”

At Atlético Madrid, Diego Simeone was defending the work done by his men, “It's true that we've won a lot of matches 1-0, but it's a virtue. We had difficulties with suspended players, but we responded with the result. The first half was better than the second. On other occasions we've faced a team fighting relegation and failed to close the result." 




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