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05 Apr 2018
AS reported that Tino Fernández is planning elections in June of 2019. The board of directors is currently under fire after a terrible season at Primera.

Tino Fernández will complete the first period of five years at the presidency of Deportivo in January of 2019. The rules at the club dictate that elections must be called within the following twelve months, which means that the club has the entire year 2019 for the elections period.

The fifth and last year of Fernández at the presidency has coincided with one of the worst years of the team playing at Primera División, for this reason the president and his board of directors is overwhelmed with the criticism coming from all sectors, including the fans and the media. The press, normally soft with the procedures of the club, has been hammering the officials within the last two weeks for their poor decisions during this campaign.

Two months ago, former president Augusto César Lendoiro (currently in a hospital after needing a heart surgery) requested to advance the elections to June of 2018. He wrote a letter asking to make the elections on that date so the new board will be on since the start of the new season, either is with the team competing at Primera or Segunda. The idea is that the new management will be the ones making the decisions and not the one receiving the decisions of others, exactly the figure that Tino Fernández lived when he arrived to the club.

President Tino Fernández replied saying that he wasn’t going to fulfill the petition simply because Lendoiro didn’t do it when he was requested to advance the elections in his last year at the club. Now a report of AS says that the board is planning to make the elections in June of 2019, which means that the current president will stay in the job for the full campaign 2018/19.

The same source also claims that, despite the criticism and lack of popularity of Tino Fernández, he is thinking of running out for president for a second period. The exact date of the elections will probably be discussed in the shareholders meeting to take place at the end of this year.

Another alternative is to gather the 5% of the capital and call for elections. This measure can be done at any time and the board of directors would have two months to answer the petition, This case already happened in 2013, but in a polemic decision former president Lendoiro ruled out the option and was menaced to face legal actions. Taking in mind that the capital of the club is currently around the €10 million, it will be needed to gather 8,500 shares to have a 5%. It doesn’t seem probable as many of the shareholders that have a participation of 1% are still supporting the current president.



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