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08 Apr 2018
Seedorf finally conquered his first victory and he was happy about it. The goal scorers expressed their satisfaction too, while the coach of Málaga believes his team lost for been too brave.

Coach Clarence Seedorf was feeling relieved with his first win at Depor, “We are very happy, because the work done has lead us to a victory. It was tough to said before that the hard working was paying off, but the work always pays. This group has always worked at the top and the players are content, but also with rage in the inside, because we want more and believe this should have arrived before. The road starts today, with new convictions and another way to work.”

Later he was analyzing the game, “In the first half, after the goal, we stopped playing. It seemed only ten minutes were left, but seventy minutes were still ahead of us. A lot of things weren’t fine, we were blocked again and Málaga were much better in this phase of the game. We made changes in he second half, mainly the attitude, we pressed up front and practically we played in their side of the field, though facing a dangerous Málaga.”

“We didn’t play well in the first half, because they are human. It has been many months without taking the lead and to administrate the first goal was something that we didn’t do well. Next time we will do it better.” He added.

The Dutchman continued with his optimistic speech of past weeks, “If yesterday I was optimistic, let’s imagine now. I believe we must continue our way, going game by game, because the games will be different, with different adversaries. We will return to train been better.”

He was happy for seen Adrián and Lucas returning to score, “I am happy for who scored the goals, because we need them. Great game by Lucas and Adrián was fantastic. They deserve these goals, because they train at the top. They can resolve a game and the group can also enjoy with them. Lucas also showed courage taking the penalty again. We needed to see him scoring.”

Depor’s coach was also thanking the fans for the support, “The luck changed as soon as the Riazor turned on. We will give the life for these fans. We thank the support. I know it’s hard for them but there are reasons to believe. Today the team demonstrated that’s alive and these three points are for everyone.”

Finally, Seedorf was defending the work of Muntari, “He played badly today. ‘Suli’ didn’t play bad because he was on the wing, he played badly because he wasn’t fine and that’s it. It happens and next week he will probably play again, because this happens with all the players.”

Lucas Pérez was content and relieved with the result, “I am content for the victory. To reach the minute 85 seeing that the team was fine, but that we had wasted the advantage twice, and in the end to see us getting the victory. We needed it and I am happy for that, not only for scoring a goal.”

He was also explaining why he apologized after scoring the first goal in the meeting, “That’s the feeling that I have, and it’s the same of the team mates. The people at the Riazor are sad as things aren’t working out, it has been some years suffering and it’s the feeling that we have. It is the feeling that things aren’t working as I was expecting.”

The other scorer for Depor, Adrián López, was analyzing the meeting, “In the first half we weren’t as we wanted, and there was a general change for the second part. We spent the time at their field and creating chances, and in the end I believe this is a deserved victory for us. The team sought for this victory and this is a morale boost, so we can achieve a new victory.”

The Asturian was also commenting on his brace, “I am content for helping in getting this victory that we needed and for the strikers it’s always important to score goal. In that regard I am really happy. We removed a thorn today, but we still have more and we most continue.”

At Málaga CF, coach José González was questioned why his team wasn’t brave enough in the second half, and the response was, "The team has lost for braveness? Depor won in the counterattack, by catching us attacking, if you say we haven’t had courage, but we tied, we hit the post and we almost scored the 2-3. I’m proud for the work of my players.”

“The match started with a dubious penalty, we played very well in the first half, in the second half they got more energy, we lost balls and they hit back, we attacked well, The team has gone out in order to win, I don’t think it hasn’t been brave, scoring the 2-2, you can think that Depor are coming for us and it wasn’t like that, we missed aim, because we didn’t finish the plays. We have been very brave, maybe with the 2-2, but seeing the situation we are in... The heart pulls and we know the situation in which we are.” He added.



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