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09 Apr 2018
Fabril didn’t play a good game, but seized it’s opportunities before a combative rival to reach the second place at the standings.

Goalkeeper Álex Cobo was still out injured, while Óscar didn’t surpass a muscle problem, so he was left out of the meeting. The big novelty was to see striker Luismi on the bench. He has been injured and was still waiting to debut with the team. Juvenil A keeper Ricardo was picked for the game

The lineup was a 4-3-3 figure with Francis Uzoho covering the goal, Blas Alonso performed at the right-back position, Raúl González and Quique Fornos were the centre-backs, Diego Caballo performed at the left side. Edu Expósito, Martín Bengoa and Carlos López were the centre midfielders, Borja Galán attacked from the right wing. Jorge Romay performed towards the left, then Uxío Dapena was the centre forward.

The rival was AD Union Adarve, a Madrilenian team living at mid-table and that lost the previous two games. Coach Víctor Cea was relying in Héctor Gómez for the goals, he had scored 12 times before this meeting.

Not the best version of Fabril, the lads were too thick in attack. Big part of it had to do with the ambition of a rival that always controlled the ball possession, but that didn’t create too many opportunities. In that sense the victory is a merit as the team seized its best opportunities.

The match started with a goal for Fabril. Caballo released a low cross from the left, the visiting defence didn’t clear the danger and Borja Galán was wise enough to earn it, then a defender deflected it and reached the path of Uxío, who scored his sixth goal on the season with a crossed and drilling attempt past goalie Cristian Parra. The visiting team protested an offside, but the fact was that the pass came from a defender.

Unión Adarve had it’s first opportunity at minute 10, it was a lateral free-kick of Iván Mateo that was deflected by Francis (10’). In the next play the visiting side scored the equalizer. Enrique López “Cadete” made a combinative play at the edge of the area, he attempted a low shot from the right corner that hit the near post, Iván Mateo collected the loose ball and fired on target, Raúl González tried to clear it, but ended at the back of the net.

 The game was entertaining, mainly because Unión Adarve was pushing forward, giving problems with the aerial game and fast plays looking for Iván Mateo, who was attacking on the left wing. Meanwhile, Fabril were trying, but missed spark in attack.

Thus, the Madrilenians were looking more dangerous. At minute 24, after two straight corners, Leo Blazquez collected the ball at the edge of the area and his shot missed the target. Fabril had a good chance at minute 27, it was after a good play of Martín Bengoa on the left, but no one found the ball after keeper Parra was misplaced inside the box.

Two minutes later the same Bengoa provoked a penalty, again he entered the area by the left and Escalante fouled him when the midfielder was going to pass the ball. Edu Expósito scored from the spot and recovered the advantage for Fabril.

Unio Adarve were still insisting and Fran García was close to score, he stole the ball to Fornos and attempted a shot from the edge of the area that went over the crossbar (34’).  But their strength spirit disappeared within the last fifteen minutes in the first part and there were no more scoring chances.

The second half was slower, Unión Adarve didn’t find the same accuracy to reach the opposite side of the field, so Fabril looked comfortable. The first chance to score in the second part was for the locals, Martin Bengoa collected a low cross from the left and he sent the ball wide (51’).

Fabril had a new chance at minute 57, Romay released a cross from the left, keeper Parra cleared the ball with the fist, it hit Uxio and the ball went out, though the referee whistled a foul for a previous nasty tackle over Romay.

The first chance for Union Adarve in this half came at minute 61. It was a long throw from midfield that went into the path of Juanma, but his downward header was blocked by Francis. Nothing more was happening and Fabril continued to feel comfortable on the pitch.

But the picture changed for the final ten minutes, the narrow score invited the visiting side to search for the equalizer and they ended surrounding the local area. Depor’s lads suffered, but more for the pressure to clear the ball quickly than for the opportunities that were created.

The Madrilenians had two good chances in this frame, the first was a drilling pass from Ivan Mateo that almost complicated Francis (83’). The second a shot by Juanma that missed the target (87’). Munúa made the two substitutions in the final stages, Queijeiro replaced Martín Bengoa and later Steve One entered for Borja Galán.

Victory by inertia, but a victory in the end. Fabril never found its game, but it fond the goals in the first half. The rival was better, but lost some spark in the final half. Godo game by Martin Bengoa, who ended provoking the penalty that gave the victory. Fabril are now second at Segunda B as Fuenlabrada failed in the visit to San Sebastián Los Reyes (1-1). The next game is the visit to Atlético Madrid B (Sunday, 12h00 CET)

Fabril: (4-3-3) Francis – Blas, Quique Fornos, Raúl González, Caballo – Martín Bengoa (Queijeiro 77’), Carlos López, Edu Expósito – Borja Galán (Steve One 90+2’), Uxío Dapena, Romay.
Unión Adarve: (4-2-3-1) Parra – Nicho Escalante (Berodia 76’), Cadete (Alcalde 89’), Jesús, Juanma – Leo Blazquez (Miguel García 46’), Ángel – Héctor Gómez, Fran García, Gianni - Iván Mateo.
Goals: 1-0: (6’) Uxío, 1-1: (12’) Iván Mateo, 2-1: (31’) Edu Expósito (penalty)
Referee: Manuel Pozueta Rodríguez. He showed yellow card to Jesus (28’) Escalante (29’), Gianni (44’) & Carlos López (61’)
Venue: Abegondo





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