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12 Apr 2018
Midfielder Celso Borges is conscious of the situation of Depor at the standings and that the Galicians don’t depend on themselves, but he wants to keep focused and thinking of next game.

Celso Borges talked to reporters after Tuesday’s session. He is aware that the injuries affecting the midfielders are opening a chance to play on Saturday, “These are unfortunate situations, with the injuries, always. But for this reason we all train at the top. We try to be ready when it’s necessary. Everybody is ready.”

And it’s that the midfielder has only played 60 minutes within the last month, a situation that he tries to handle as a professional, “I assume it like any professional, always prepared when the situation comes. It’s atypical, but I always had minutes and confidence. I behave as any professional, seizing all the minutes that I get.”

Asked about the game with Athletic Club, the Central American player thinks that the last victory is giving an impulse to the team, “We are hopeful, it’s what comes with the victories. It brings motivation and makes us better inside the changing room, so we have a positive attitude.”

He doesn’t want to think that the victory is the only thing that matters for Saturday’s match, “We don’t need to be fatalist, but I think we need to do our work and later it will happen what will happen. But first it relies in us, we need the points.”

Borges was analyzing the situation at the standings, “The bad part is that by winning you still have to wait for other results. We can only control our game and how to get the points. It’s always to watch game and to be expecting. We are focused in our job and the rest will, hopefully, move in our favor.”

 About the expectations for the visit to San Mamés, he said that, “I hope that our will be stronger, our football, the fact of trying to get a result. But it won’t be easy, that’s for sure.”

He was also commenting on the pessimism of the fans towards the permanence, “We have to see things with a positive view, so it will allow us to train and work with courage. We cannot do anything with what people think. We must transmit the energy on the field. We must believe in what we are doing. We must continue winning in order to put pressure. We have to add points and wait.”



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