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16 Apr 2018
Depor played its best away game on the season, Adrián scored consecutive braces to help his team to achieve back-to-back wins for the first time in two and a half years.

1- The best away game of the season: The first half was a master piece, the team scored twice and knew how to handcuff an erratic Athletic, because the Basques had the ball, but only created two scoring chances before a Depor that could have even scored a third before the pause. The errors showed up in the second part, but the team was strong enough to hold on before the rain of corners and the pressure of a team refreshed by Aduriz and Muniain.

2- The punch: Deportivo continued to commit errors in defence, that problem hasn’t changed. What changed is that Depor are founding the goals. The arrival of Seedorf was characterized by the lack of goals, now Depor chained two straight games at least scoring three times, something that doesn’t happen since the season 2012/13 (4 straight games scoring at least 3 times with Fernando Vázquez). The important thing is that Depor only made 5 shots, 3 of them on goal, so it converted the 100% of the shots on target. This is extremely important for a team with so many defensive mistakes.

3- The position of Borges One of the keys to the games was to see Celso Borges attached to the left wing, it helped to prevent the game of Iñaki Williams, and was also important in attack as several of the attacks started with the midfielder moving the ball in that sector. His performance was crowned with the perfect header that granted the second goal

4- The importance of Lucas: Little by little Lucas Pérez is recovering his level, in this game he was involving in the three goals. Firstly releasing the corner that allowed the first goal, later sending the cross into the path of Borges in the second and then assisting Borja Valle for the third. The Galician attacker also had the chance to score at the end of the first half, but he couldn’t define after dribbling Kepa (45+2’).

5- The lesson from Borja Valle: Striker Borja Valle is the fourth player at the first team with lesser minutes (160), but he has been working hard and now Seedorf prefers him over Andone. And his good work is paying off as he netted the third goal, the one that gave the victory. It’s his first goal at Primera and a lesson for anyone: the chance always arrives.

6- Ups and Down with Rubén: Once again Rubén Martínez failed, he should have tried to catch the ball going into the near post in the play of the second goal, just a new failure for him in a very poor season. But in this game he had a redemption as later he saved two short attempts by Raul García (76’) and Iñigo Martínez (79’). The first with some luck as the loose ball went out instead of passing the lane.

7- Back-to-back wins for Depor: This is the second away victory for Depor on the season, this is also the first time in two and a half years with the Galicians clinching straight victories in liga. The previous time was in November of 2015: 2-0 Vs. RC Celta and 2-0 at UD Las Palmas.

8- Second straight brace for Adrián: Striker Adrián is suddenly the top-scorer of Deportivo, he has scored 9 goals, 4 of them within the last two games (braces before Málaga CF and Athletic Club). A player at Depor wasn’t scoring at least 4 goals in two straight matchday since Xisco netted 5 in March of 2008 (3 Vs. Real Murcia and 2 at Racing Santander)




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