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19 Apr 2018
Depor didn’t have luck to score goals, but was lucky enough to avoid the damage of Banega. Seedorf changed the position of the midfielders and his team met the woodwork for the 11th time since his arrival.

The nine notes from the game Vs. Sevilla CF:

1- Record of shots: The game had 46 shots (22 for Deportivo and 24 for Sevilla). It’s the highest number for a Primera game on this season. Ironically, it was a goalless match.
2- Lucky and unlucky: Depor was lucky enough to not concede a goal in this game, Seedorf put four midfielders since the start, but no one was able to stop Banega from creating opportunities, while Luisinho suffered a lot on his side. Only the lack of aim from Sevilla CF plus the saves by Rubén explain why Depor clinched a clean sheet.

At the same time Depor was unlucky to not score in this game, the team created 13 scoring opportunities –the highest number for a home game this season- and only the lack of aim by Lucas, Mosquera and Adrián explains how the team ended without scoring. The Galicians also missed some luck –again- as it was sawn in the ball that hit the post. At minute 86, Borges found the ball twice inside the area and his low shot had already past David Soria, but it only hit the base of the near post and, with Sevilla’s defence totally misplaced, Adrián and Lucas were there to collect the rebound, but somehow the ball went out of the box exactly passing through the little window between them.

3- The best game of Rubén: Keeper Rubén Martínez had his best game this season, surely he left doubts in some divided balls, but the fact is that he made 7 saves and kept a clean sheet. Maybe the point won’t be enough, but it was mainly possible thanks to the Galician goalie.

4- Unable to stop Ever Banega: Sevilla’s Ever Banega had one of the most complete games saw at the Riazor in recent years. The Argentine was simply unstoppable despite Depor had at least three centre midfielders on the pitch, he made 114 touches (more than anyone this season in a game played at the Riazor with a pass accuracy of 90%, he completed 3 shots and had 7 key passes.

5- The position of the midfielders: After the impact that Borges and Mosquera had on the previous game, Seedorf decided to switch their positions and this time it didn’t work. Guilherme returned and joined Krohn-Dehli at the centre. Borges was switched from the left to the right and Mosquera ended covering the left wing. None of them had a good game.

6- The debate on Çolak: During Monday there was the discussion about the announcement that Emre Çolak was going to be a substitute in this game. Many fans believe he is the best player at the squad as he is the only capable of managing the traffic of the ball, the true is that the Turkish had more minutes of the expected ones (55) as he had to replace injured Krohn-Dehli and didn’t have an impact in the game. He only made 46 touches, though managed to end with 3 key passes.

7- Back to the lack of aim: After two straight games with Depor scoring three goals, the Galician returned to the old habit of forgiven too much. Lucas had three clear chances within the last five minutes, and he demonstrated once again that his old punch is asleep during this campaign. Adrián also missed the spark of the past two games as he wasted a one-on-one action before Soria. It also called the attention that Seedorf preferred to reinforce midfield rather than giving a chance to Borja Valle or Andone.

8- Seven points in three games: Deportivo have added 7 of the last 9 points in dispute, it’s about to be seen if this reaction will be enough, but it’s the best streak at the club since the arrival of Pepe Mel. The Madrilenian coach had the same exact mark when he debuted in March of 2017 with victories over Sporting Gijón (1-0), FC Barcelona (2-1) and a draw with Atlético Madrid (1-1).

9- Fifteen shots hitting the post for Deportivo: The low attempt of Borges that hit the post at the end of the game is the 15th opportunity with Depor meeting the woodwork on this season. Only two clubs have more: FC Barcelona (28) and Real Madrid (18). 11 of those 15 posts came during the 11 games of Seedorf at the club.



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