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01 May 2018
The eleventh relegation of Depor to Segunda came in one of the best games on the season, Depor stayed in the game until the end thanks to the interception and the short passes.

The five notes from the game Vs. FC Barcelona:

1- Good game by Depor: It was one of the best games of Deportivo on the season, the Blanquiazul team had Barcelona on the ropes in a large frame of the second part and came back from a 0-2 situation with Schär close to score the 3-2, later Messi exploded with two new goals. Depor proved that it’s reaction is for real, though it’s also too late.

2- The key: the interceptions and the passes: There were two keys to see Deportivo overcoming Barcelona in the second part: the interceptions and the quality of the passes. Depor left Barcelona to have the ball and later stroke through intercepting the rival in difficult positions. Many of the eleven goal opportunities came from there. Guilherme led this department with five interceptions followed by Luisinho and Juanfran (both with four).

Later the team wasn’t desperate with the passes. Truly there were moments when the team beat in long throws searching for Lucas, but in the second half the short and accurate passes prevailed. Just to see the play of the second goal and how the team broke one of the best defensive lines through short passes. It explains why Depor (85%) almost had the same pass accuracy than Barca (89%).

3- Seedorf failed again with the changes: Again Seedorf failed making the changes, this time he waited until the final five minutes when his team needed to refresh the attacking line at least ten minutes before, and the first substitution came when the score was already 2-3 and it was a defensive midfielder (Muntari). Andone and Cartabia entered too late.

4- Another rollercoaster for Rubén: Rubén Martinez made five saves in the game and was one of the reasons why Depor stayed in the game until the final ten minutes, but also showed the same signs of why he is an insecure keeper. He failed in the second goal as the attempt of Messi was going directly into his body, but the keeper never reacted to block the shot.

5- The eleventh relegation for Deportivo: This is the eleventh relegation to Segunda División suffered by Deportivo (1945, 1947, 1957, 1963, 1965, 1967, 1970, 1973, 2011, 2013 & 2018). It’s a record in Spain tied with CD Málaga, Real Murcia and Real Betis.



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