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01 May 2018
Only Borges talked among the players while Tino Fernández and Seedorf also talked of the demotion. The president said that he feels sorry and that Monday is the first day of the return to the elite.

 Clarence Seedorf was hoping the fans can appreciate the effort done by the team, “It’s a big disappointment. We all are sad for this result and the demotion. I hope you can valorize the effort done against Barcelona. I said yesterday that a certain mister cannot be stopped in certain circumstances. What Depor did today, especially in the second half, has a merit. We must recognize it. We didn’t achieve the result that we wanted, but left a positive impression.”

The Dutchman was asked if he is planning to continue at Depor and the answer was, “I have no plans and everything is open. I can only thank everyone at the club the players, for their effort. Also, the fans, since my arrival people treated me really well and felt like at home. I was always happy and felt fine in the city, unfortunately we didn’t achieve it, sports it’s like this. Everything is open and just want to end with the same spirit, with dignity, because it is what the fans deserve. We haven’t talked with the club, everybody is aware that we are fine together and for now the doors aren’t closed.”

He is hoping to have a good ending in liga, so the club can start well the next season, “We need to end well so the reconstruction can start in the best way. It’s not the first time that Depor live this situation. After the tears a new project will start, one that can reconstruct with dignity what these fans deserve, and we need to have things clear.”

Finally, Seedorf explained what he told the players after the final whistle, “I want to see them lifting the lead, because today they played a good game. It’s clear the demotion is a weight, but in life you need to learn when you lose and when you win. The important things aren’t related to a football match, we lost, but didn’t lost everything. Interesting things have been built up. We need a team that can make the fans continue dreaming.”

Only Celso Borges agreed to face the reporters after the final whistle (the club informed later that no one will talk to reporters during the week), as the captain in this game he was describing the environment inside the changing room, “It’s a bad situation, it’s hard and a tough moment. This is a hard moment in the career of everybody and we need to digest it.”

The midfielder didn’t want to talk of his possible continuity ahead of next season, “Right now it’s difficult to discuss these situations. The emotional strike is hard for everyone. We need to valorize at the end of the season, the most important thing now is to close the year in the best possible way.”

President Tino Fernández promised a press conference for Tuesday or Wednesday giving a more detailed analysis of the demotion, but he also talked after the game. “After the confirmation of this issue that we lived day by day, we can only say that we are very sorry for the whole people of Deportivo, the city and the Deportivismo across the world. In the other side to start thinking that tomorrow can be the first day of the new project that should take Deportivo back to Primera División. I am very sorry. The feeling is like when the doctors give for dead a member of the family, you know it will die, and the day it dies you also cry.”

He is aware that Depor deserved this outcome, “The relegation isn’t an accident, it started with the first bad decisions and later with more executions throughout the year. After seeing the last game you can think that you reacted too late, in the end there wasn’t any club to reach. We cannot have excuses, each year the worst three clubs go down and we are part of it, that’s why we are playing at Segunda on next year.”

Finally, the president talked of the singing of the new sporting director, “It’s not done yet, in the coming days we will inform about it, as soon as we close it. We haven’t talked of coaches, the first step is to sign the sporting director.”

At FC Barcelona, Ernesto Valverde was reflecting on the title achievement, “When you are chasing something across the year you can say it: at least! La Liga is very long, you need to survive the winter and the spring. We passed across everything and really chased it since the start, and we had a certain margin and I believe we were the best.”

He was also apologizing as his team celebrated the title as the Riazor mourned the demotion, “The best is to win a liga with a rival playing for the same or with someone that isn’t playing for anything. The final environment with us celebrating and the rival hurt… we would have loved to live a different scenario, but it was like that.”



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