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09 May 2018
The new sporting director of Deportivo was presented. Tino Fernández talked of present issues, including the confirmation that there’s an option over Málaga’s Diego Rolán.

Deportivo presented on Tuesday the base of the new project at Segunda División. President Tino Fernández introduced Carmelo Del Pozo to reporters. Depor’s boss also analyzed other subjects, including the situation of Fabril, the finances and the future of the players. The following is a summary of the things they said.

Carmelo Del Pozo: "Double motive for the press conference: The presentation of Carmelo Del Pozo and also to talk of the present of the club. This is a collective project. He is an important piece. The youth teams will be coordinated by him."

The goal for the season:  “The goal is to compete and to return as soon as possible.”

Arrival to Depor: “It’s an important thing to work for Deportivo La Coruña. I thank for the opportunity.  I understood that the project is full of hope. I will give my best and you need to be motivated.”
The goals: “The first goal of Deportivo is to end this season in the best possible way, since that point to see what happens and get the results of the hard work. It won’t be easy to earn the promotion on next year, the last three clubs that got relegated are not even in promotion seats right now, so it’s a difficult job. If we are intelligent we will be competing until the end. The example is Sporting Gijón, two months before they were out of promotion and now they are in the fight. At Segunda you travel to play in Huesca in a pretty bad pitch, in Reus in a small field, in Numancia with ice during the winter. The league is tough and I want a team competing, because people must feel proud watching Depor. They must see a clear identity.”

Who will be the coach? “We must first understand the financial numbers that we will have, we will also meet the one that’s currently working with the team. I haven’t talked yet with any coach, we will analyze the situation and will choose the one for the job.”

Can Seedorf continue? "Everyone is having options. We must talk to everyone and analyze the situation."

Continuity of players: "The players staying must be here because they want, they cannot be here only because they are tied with a contract. I want to be at Deportivo La Coruña. That’s the thing I want to hear from the players that will stay. What the players must understand is that they are from Segunda in a team from Segunda. It’s not worthy a Primera player that comes down to make us a favour. The club must administrate the situation of getting cheaper players, but with more feeling.”
Short squad at Segunda: "We must have a competitive squad. Everyone has competitive starting lineups at Segunda, but the important thing is to have 18 players that can compete. The ideal squads are short. I like the academy teams, they can add things. Fabril made a great work and let’s see if they can help us."

Importance of Fabril: “I want a plant that’s connected. Fabril cannot be in one direction and the first team in another one. We need communication. I am interested in seeing Fabril giving me players. That it means that we end eighth instead of second? Fine. The important thing is to form players. Depor cannot get 25 players from the outside, it’s impossible, for that reason we also need to create players, Galician people that can add minutes.”

Will he hire new people for administration roles? “We must see what we have, how many people are here. We must see the interactions and analyze if the people on here are valid.”

Andone: “It’s true that Andone has now a low release clause. Anyone wanting to pay it can do it.”

Rubén Martínez: “The renewal of his contract depends on staying at Primera. The contract that would be terminated is the one with Tytoń.”

Reasons for the relegation: “We cannot talk of accidents and neither luck. We must see our proposal and the performance, the ones that affect the  players and the ones surrounding them. It not only one cause, but several ones.”

Pepe Mel: “He is a person that was coming from the previous season and after achieving his goal. We thought that things were going to be fine allowing the continuity, maybe the lack of fluidity inside the sporting direction was something that didn’t help in order to add things.”

Were the decisions regarding the exits of coaches made too early? “We don’t sign anyone just to fire him later, what’s true is that we never got continuity on the bench. In the end we aren’t satisfied with what has happened, but it’s also true that several changes are also seen in teams at the bottom.”

The debt and the financial situation: “I won’t talk of risk for the future. I am not happy with the performance of the team, but there are situations that were fine, like the management of the debt. We planned seasons at Segunda in the plan that we presented before, in that sense there isn’t risks in the future of Deportivo. We still have to be told about the aid for the relegation and we also have the subject of transfers. We still have to talk with la liga [about the salary cap], I guess we will know this month or at the beginning of the next one.”

The debt at Segunda: “The amounts to be paid are reduced. It’s true the treatment is different for been at Segunda, in that regard I am tranquil with that, the main challenge is to guess right with the sporting proposal.”

Transfers: “Right now we have plenty of options regarding the transfers. Evidently, in a change of league, you end having a high number of operations. It’s different if you are settled in a league, which isn’t our case.. The summer will be long, we think we can have a large number of exits and arrivals.”

Incomes: “We have a clear idea of the money we have, but must also see the amounts of possible transfers. We should be around the range of the teams that suffered the relegation last season. Sporting was around 19 million if I’m right [salary cap].”

Players’ contracts: “In several cases the players have different contracts depending if we are in Primera or Segunda.”

Saul García: “The lad is doing a great job and we need to separate the issue of his situation. He was condemned in a legal case with Real Valladolid, we were also included in the sentence and now he sued everyone involved for not giving him the proper information, his agents, Racing Santander and we too. He is condemned to pay to Valladolid, but it’s a sentence that will be revisited.”

The possibility of having elections; “The club has rules, if everything is fine the petition from the shareholders will be accepted.”

Mario Otero want to be the president: “He told me that he already had 9,000 shares. He also asked for a meeting on Thursday, I asked to have the meeting on Friday, but he never confirmed it. He told me that he was going to present the shares on Tuesday, now he said that it will be on Thursday. So we continued to work and continued with the process as the clubs needs it. I told him that, if there are elections, I am going to present myself, because I think I can continue.”

Sidnei:“I haven’t talked with Fernando Roig and neither with anyone from Villarreal. We aren’t forced to get rid of anyone in particular, clearly the whole squad is too big for Segunda, but there isn’t any particular need.”

The failed winter signings: “We wanted a right-back that went to another club. We made mistakes in the configuration of the squad, Richard [Barral] was so sure of this team that we didn’t left money for winter window, and we went to this market with the money that we got for Arribas.”

Diego Rolán: "Yes, we have a relation, but must see now what we will do. We have a pending reunion with his agent, he is an interesting player and we will see what happens. There isn’t a clear decision regarding him.”

Fabril’s Óscar García: “We presented an initial offer to renew him, and recently we presented two more. We want him to stay.”

Fabril’s participation in the promotion playoff: “Today I received with surprise an envelopment with the petition of Fuenlabrada asking the federation to not see us not playing the playoff. They are requesting a certification of our demotion, I was surprised as it was signed by the office of Tebas. I don’t know what will happen. We only will try to end as the champions. I don’t see any reason why we cannot compete. We don’t fully understand what’s happening, but the sporting rights must be earned on the pitch. Our intention is to play the playoff, if there’s any reason why they ask us to not play it, then we will analyze it. No one has talked to us, they just asked us about what we will do, but it was all informal.”

Tickets for the Segunda season: “We are planning on reducing the prices for the socios. We have to think about it. Right now we cannot start as la liga hasn’t settled yet the ticketing.”



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