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14 May 2018
Depor’s coach was talking of what he told his players at half-time, he also praised Mujaid and Borja Valle. Precisely, the goal scorer was admitting that he had a tough year at Deportivo.

Clarence Seedorf was giving his vision of the game, “Surely Villarreal started strongly. We barely stopped a team with so many talent, we had a bad first half, and when you don’t score in your chances… 0-3 and the situation was complicated. But we talked after the first half, we needed to decide, either to allow four or five more goals or react and end the game with dignity, trying to recover the game, and I believe we saw a different spirit in the second half. We neither can demand big mental efforts from this team, they are human, but showed the values of the group.”

He also explained why young Mujaid played in the game, “I wanted to put Çolak, but then I thought things weren’t going to change too much up front as the attackers were fine, and symbolically we need to look to the future at Depor, and I believe he is a lad that can represent this. He is happy and had personality, but he needs to grow a lot in order to be prepared for the level in which we are.”

The Dutchman also advanced that Gerrard Valentín is gong to play on next weekend, “For next week I have other ideas, like Gerard [Valentín], he could have played today as a right-back, but his moment will arrive on next week. He s a lad that deserves it. It’s a signal that things will move forward.”

There were also positive words for Borja Valle, “Not only today. I believe it has been a month with him shining. I asked him where he was before? It has to do with what you lived before. Borja was a lad without morale when I arrived, he didn’t have chances and we needed to work and he is fantastic, as soon as he understood that he could have chances, he stared to work in  a phenomenal way and I started to use him.”

Finally, Seedorf didn’t want to say too much about his future, “Nothing. The same I said yesterday. It isn’t a matter of time. The club will know where, my head is only at Valencia and nothing more. It isn’t a matter of wanting to stay, my contract ends at the end of the season and, in order to talk of the future, the club needs to say what they want to do. I feel fine on here, but the future isn’t granted.”

Borja Valle was the only player that talked after the game. He admitted that this is a tough moment for Deportivo, but also that he s living a dream, “I was always there, training and fighting, and I wanted to live this situation, but not in general for how Depor is, but right now I am very happy in a personal sense. Beyond the bitterness in the year of Depor, I am fulfilling a dream. The situation of the club isn’t good enough to enjoy the moment, but been selfish, it’s true that I am living a dream.”

The striker also talked of his future, “I don’t know, been sincere I didn’t feel fine in a season that has been complicated, I didn’t feel as good as I would have wanted, but I still have on more year of contract and we need to decide, but my head isn’t yet in next year, because we are coming after allowing four goals.”

At Villarreal CF, Javier Calleja was happy as his team qualified to Europe, “I am very happy, we have mathematically qualified for the Europa League and it’s the reward for a year's work. I am very happy with the match, the result and that we accomplished the goal. We knew that we were depending on ourselves, that with a victory we were in the top seven, and this was joined by the draw between Betis and Sevilla, so we will be among the top six and it’s a great success for this team to play in Europe”.




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