04 Jun 2018
Edu Expůsito conceded an interview to La Voz de Galicia, the midfielder talked of Fabrilís season and what he expects from next campaign as he is promoted to the first team.

Q: Is it hard to disconnect?
A: Little by little. After the game with Toledo, which was atypical, it is hard. It was a complicated and demanding year.

Q: That match and the elimination against Extremadura. Despite not being able to get the promotion and the blows, you always knew how to get up, right?
A: When the ball rolls we give everything. It was a shame to fall, because we did a good job. We already had it in the playoff and that taking in mind we had allowed an early goal... The best of this season is that we have been together.

Q: You were between the first and the second team and with Seedorf you disappeared. Is it easy to take it?
A: No, easy is not. It seems that yes, but in the end thereís something in the head that stinging you a bit. It seemed that I was always there, but overnight I didnít step on the first team even to drink water. And of course, it is understandable, but... And I knew it was something that could happen to me, because my team was Fabril. There have also been problems in the club and now I leave it aside, I donít give importance to it.

Q: How about the elders?
A: Very good. I was in the pre-season to earn my place, although I knew it was complicated. So, I tried and I was called up seven times in the first round. I did not play, but it was a luxury as I was in the rosters. I was comfortable and eager to contribute. When Cristůbal came, he knew me more and I knew what he could give. He put me in some games. I felt good. But with his departure...

Q: The swing affected you, because you became a substitute at the B squad, right?
A: No, I was doing well, because I always trained with the first team or the B squad. But it's difficult, you have to assimilate it. I spent a stretch playing not so well and the coach decided that I shouldnít take part of some games. I returned to my best level and to be a starter again. And now in the playoff, he decided and that's it. And I am happy because, when I came as a substitute against Extremadura, I did well.

Q: And you remembered you time as a goal scorer.
A: Yes [he laughs]. It's true, in the goal. At the beginning, I was a forward, but I also liked being a goalkeeper. In the end there were no pivotes and as a child they pulled me to play there.

Q: You have a contract until 2022 and next year is the first team for all purposes, right?
A: Exactly. Now the real football starts for me, the beautiful one. It will be everything much more demanding. I have already been told that on the 9th day we start the pre-season, I am delighted.

Q: Did you imagine what happened when you gave the yes to Depor?
A: I would never have expected it, because I arrived and, it's true that I'm not in the first four games with Manu Mosquera, but then he gave me the confidence. And the debut at Primera came from Barcelona in a new place where there are people who fight for that too, I neither expected that. Itís a dream fulfilled and now for more.

Q: Until Abegondo you had not been in the academy of a team of first level. Do you consider yourself a little self-made?
A: Only here I have been more than a year. I started in my hometown and then I went to Vilanova i la Geltrķ, GavŠ and Damm. Four years in different teams. It never hurts to change and be alert, but it is also good to have settled.

Q: You cannot return to Fabril. Do you contemplate a loan?
A: I donít see anything more than to play at Depor. If I donít have a space, I will have to leave. Right now, I want to fight for the position. I want to play here and the last option is to leave on loan. I already said that I wanted to be the new Fran in my position and take the team to Primera and place it in good positions.

Q: Is there raw material at Fabril for the first team?
A: All those who were above have been young and have been in a B squad and in the end they made the jump. With the season we have done, we are prepared and itís time for these opportunities.

Q: Francis in a World Cup...
A: From the first day I knew he was going to be a great keeper. He improved a lot. At the beginning he missed some balls, because he always cleared it, he didnít know how to block well. But he was very big and reached everything.

Q: The B squad knew how to hook up with the stand. Do you think that, with the presence of young people, the club can recover that lost identity?
A: What I want to say to the people is that you cannot lose the hope, that maybe it has been a step back [the relegation], but itís to give two steps forward, we must continue going to the Riazor, to cheer up and fight for that badge, which in the end is what remains.

Q; Do you like football beyond playing it. Do you see yourself as a coach?
A: I have it clear. When I finish playing, 100% I will still be related to football. My first option is to be a coach and then a sporting director or scout or whatever, but first, coach. I already have two levels of the course and next year I will make the third one. Football has to be played, but also to see it, to live it like that, to ask yourself why this, why the other, although many people donít like that aspect.

Q: What do you expect from Depor this season in Segunda?
A: Carmelo has things clear and I hope he fights to earn the promotion. Neither play off or anything. Between the first two places and go up.

Q: Pending of official confirmation, Natxo GonzŠlez will be the coach of the first team. What opinion do you have of him?
A: [Raķl] Guti made the jump from the B squad at Zaragoza and played against me when I was in Damm. If he has bet on a boy who is young and in Segunda with how tanned it is, then it seems a good point for me.

Q: Every little conquest is dedicated to your grandmother, right?
A: Yes, I wish she was here, she could be with me every day and could see me play, achieve things, but it cannot be [she died]. Even so, I know that she accompanies me every day and that, thanks to her, I am fighting and I will continue to do so.



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