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07 Jun 2018
New small increase in the number of socios despite the relegation. For the third straight year the number of season subscribers is above the 25,000.

The season 2017/18 was closed with 27,358 socios according to the report from the club. It’s only an increase of 848 compared to the previous campaign, but at the same time it’s also the highest number at the club since reaching the 30,000 during the years in which Deportivo were competing in the UEFA Champions League. It also means that, for the third straight year, the number of socios is above the 25,000.

The report presented by the club on Wednesday also clarifies other data, like the fact that the 73% (20,605) of the socios are male and their average age is 36 years. The number of women subscribed is the same (4,640), which means that the new subscribers were men, companies (931) or peñas (205). Also, the 61.43% of the socios (16,807) live in the city of A Coruña. Meanwhile, Pabellón Superior is now the section at the stands with more socios (4,171).

The numbers are good for Deportivo, especially taking in mind the poor campaign that lead the club to Segunda División. Also, during the week is was known that the improvements at the roof of the Riazor will probably end until September, which means that Depor will have to play the first two or three games of the Segunda season away from its stadium.

The evolution in the number of the socios at Deportivo:

Season Socios
2003-2004 30,800
2004-2005 29,500
2005-2006 25,000
2006-2007 23,000
2007-2008 20,000
2008-2009 21,000
2009-2010 17,000
2010-2011 16,000
2011-2012 25,589
2012-2013 25,288
2013-2014 22,752
2014-2015 24,245
2015-2016 26,149
2016-2017 26,510
2017-2018 27,358




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