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12 Jun 2018
The club announced during the weekend the ticket prices for the season 2018/19, it’s the same prices of the campaign 2011/12, which means only a 5% discount compared to last season.

Deportivo announced on Saturday the prices for the season ticket holders. The announcement was referring that the prices are the same of the campaign 2011/12, which was with Depor playing at Segunda and includes the creation of the section called Xuntanza, which is for companies that want to send employees or clients for the games.

The announcement wasn’t well welcomed by the fans, because it means that the tickets will only cost 5% less compared to last season, and the major part of the ticker holders were waiting for a bigger decrease after the infamous performance of Depor on last season.

The discomfort is even bigger for some ticket holders as they could even end paying more of what they paid in 2011, because in that year there was a discount if the socio was signing the subscription before a deadline and the base prices now are the ones after that deadline. So, the 5% discount is based in a higher price.

As example, a socio at Tribuna Superior that in 2011 took advantage of the reduction before the deadline paid €535 for the whole season, and for the campaign 2018/19 will pay €565 as the discount is based in the price after the deadline (€568).

The club responded to the protests through a report revealed by La Voz de Galicia saying that Deportivo cannot afford bigger discounts as it needs the money to prepare a competitive team both for the first team as for Fabril.   The report also reminds the socio that other clubs like Málaga CF and Real Zaragoza will have bigger ticket prices, though the same report forgets to mention that UD Las Palmas will give for the free the ticket to the socios that were subscribed on last season as compensation for the poor campaign at Primera.



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