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21 Jan 2007
Everybody in Deportivo was frustrated with the draw, and also with the performance of the referees. President Lendoiro even criticised their work, a strange thing in him since he always tries to be diplomatic. Depor's boss also talked about the cases of Bodipo and Coloccini. Meanwhile, Ernesto Valverde was happy with the result, and especially with the first round made by his squad.

Coach Joaqu?­n Caparr??s couldn't believe the fact that his team wasn't able to win this game: "We are still undefeated this year, but it's incredible that we didn't win this match. We even scored a goal, but it was invalidated by the referee."

Asked about the absence of Capdevila and Riki for the next match in Zaragoza -both suspended with five yellow cards, Caparr??s said that he isn't worried about it: "For that reason it's important to have a complete squad and not only a starting eleven. Everybody is motivated and maintaining the level that we want to see."

Riki was one of the best players in Deportivo, the ex-Getafe striker was frustrated with the result, but not with the performance of the team: "This is an unfair result, because we were superior on the pitch. We worked the whole week, we scored two goals, but it wasn't worthy. However, we are satisfied with our performance, especially with the one of the first half."

Now, The Madrilian expects to see the squad achieving a positive result in Zaragoza: "It's important to start the second part of la liga in a good way." Riki tried the explain why he was booked in this game, a yellow card that will cost him to miss the game with los Ma?±os: "I said to the assistant of the referee that the second goal of Arizmendi was legal... but I said it five minutes before, so I don't really understand why I was booked."

Javier Arizmendi explained the two actions in which he scored the two goals that never counted in the score: "In the first one, I was surprised to see the ball not entering into the net, but that zone of the pitch was very irregular, it went up and hit the crossbar, but later I think that the ball trespassed the goal line. I saw it inside. In the second play, I was in the same line as the defender."

Depor has only allowed one goal in the last three liga matches, ?lvaro Arbeloa believes that the key in this 'new' Deportivo is the secureness of the line of defenders: "We are very well at the back, Espanyol didn't create troubles and we have to continue in this line." The Madrilian defender also believes that the two 'phantom' goals of Arizmendi should have counted: "I never talk about the work of the referees, but we have to admit that they weren't fortunate in this game."

President Lendoiro is usually very diplomatic when he talks with reporters, but this time he discharged his fury against the referees: "We can't talk about bad luck, because there were two legal goals that weren't allowed. We have been clearly affected by the work of the referees. I don't have doubts about their good intentions, but the truth is that we have lost two points."

Lendoiro also had a new confrontation with newspaper La Voz de Galicia. A reporter of this paper was asking Lendoiro about the legal situation of the club, and the response of Depor's president was "Someday you will pay for this!". He also talked about the case with Bodipo's transfer: "We are negotiating with Alav?©s about the payments, and I can assure you that we will not have a problem."

Some papers in Galicia were speculating about the possibility of seeing Bodipo returning to Alav?©s, a fact that will cause the cancellation of the debt with the Basque club, but Lendoiro rejected this option: "We never thought about this possibility. it seems that these people have forgot what we did in similar cases, like when Ram??n and Donato were injured and we renovated their contracts."

Finally, Lendoiro admitted that he is negotiating the exit of Coloccini with other clubs: "When you are negotiating with other clubs, it's logical that the player will not participate in the matches since we don't need to take risks. Besides, it seems that our midfield already has its owners -Duscher and De Guzm??n- and probably Coloccini won't be a starter."

Meanwhile, coach Ernesto Valverde was happy with the result, and especially with the first round of his team: "I am satisfied with the draw, it was fair. Deportivo gave us a lot of troubles, but we were better during the second half. I am also satisfied with the first round that my team has made. We lost three of the first four matches, now we have 26 points and it's a good statistic. We are in mid-table and we are aspiring for more."

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